Project X Zone Limited Edition version revealed


Did you know if you pre-order Project X Zone, you will get the limited edition version for free? Yep, the first printing run of Project X Zone comes in a neat case, soundtrack, mini-art book, and a mini-poster to hang on your man cave.

Not sure if this is a Gamestop exclusive, but it was the only site that I found the ‘limited edition’ version. Amazon hasn’t even updated the release date (since it was delayed or have box art up).

SEGA trademarks “Samurai Blood Show” [updated]

[“The white waves, the red clouds.” is what the bottom says]

SEGA has filed this trademark for both Europe and US. The US version didn’t have an image, this one came from Europe. See, it’s French on the bottom.

Description from US trademark: “video game software; computer game programs; computer game software; video game discs and cartridges; game programs for mobile telephones etc.”

We could possibly be seeing this on consoles and not just some obscure arcade game. It could also be a name change for the western release of Chaos Code. Though that game doesn’t seem very “Samurai” oriented.

[updated] This is going to be the western release for this iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad game.

[Thanks: Deefy]

Sonic Colors soundtrack comes West

The Sonic Colors soundtrack, titled Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors, is heading to both North America and Europe. If you’re expecting a sexy CD package, though, I’m here to give you bad news: this is coming here digitally.
For North America, you can already buy the album via iTunes. Europe and Japan should have them up shortly. The soundtrack will feature all 82 tracks from the game, spanning 3 discs. You can buy each disc separate, since they will be labeled ‘Vol.1 through Vol. 3’.

Price? Per track: $1.29 / £0.99, Per Disc: $9.99 / £7.99. So about $30 dollars for the full soundtrack.

[Source: SEGA]

Pre-order Sonic Colors, get creepy Sonic hat

Gamestop is holding some of that ‘exclusive pre-order’ stuff with Sonic Colors, unlike most of their crappy DLC exclusives; this one is a physical item. A creepy Sonic hat, to wear when you have your furry orgies.

I’m sure deep down inside SEGA knows that 90% of the Sonic fanbase is odd furry people and they will love this. But, I have to admit, its nice seeing a ‘physical’ free object for pre-order. You can pre-order the game on their site and it will ship with the hat.

[Thanks: ShadiWulf]