Project X Zone Limited Edition version revealed


Did you know if you pre-order Project X Zone, you will get the limited edition version for free? Yep, the first printing run of Project X Zone comes in a neat case, soundtrack, mini-art book, and a mini-poster to hang on your man cave.

Not sure if this is a Gamestop exclusive, but it was the only site that I found the ‘limited edition’ version. Amazon hasn’t even updated the release date (since it was delayed or have box art up).


5 responses to “Project X Zone Limited Edition version revealed

  1. Max says:

    Does anyone know if this is North American exclusive?

  2. Ssayk says:

    My poor wallet

  3. Ok I’m confused, so your saying all I have to do is preorder the game for $5 and the rest is free?

    • George says:

      Yes, the first print run of the game (from Gamestop at aleast) will come with the Soundtrack/poster/artbook. (meaning that if you get it right when it comes out).

  4. joel monserrate says:

    great site i enjoyed all the sega games but in the days n today

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