Yakuza 6 sold the same in the West as it did in Japan, a first for the franchise

If you have been a massive Yakuza fan for awhile, you might have noticed that the franchise has been gaining steam since the release of Yakuza 0. My worse fear was that after Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, that those new audiences would either set Yakuza 6 aside for later (after Kiwami 2 and the Yakuza 3-5 ports) or just stop buying the franchise altogether. I can safely say that isn’t the case, thankfully Yakuza 6 seems to have performed well enough that the game sold the same in West as it did in Japan. This is a first for the franchise, not bad for a title that was closing off a long running story.

“In the past, the Japanese market has generated the bulk of sales for these series, and although it has elements that are appealing to overseas. However, the game was not developed with European and U.S. markets in mind. Thanks to painstaking efforts to create a game that Japanese fans will appreciate, the title has become popular not only in Japan but also won over fans overseas who praise the refined game sense of the title. I believe this is why Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has become such a popular hit around the world.” – SEGA’s Kenji Matsubara

This also means that Yakuza 6 Western sales basically includes UK and US against Japan, I hope that in the near future Western audiences outnumber Japanese audiences for Yakuza sales. I mean, we are getting closer. But we might get that considering that a Yakuza 6 PC port is most likely around the corner. We also have learned that Yakuza franchise has sold over 11 million copies world wide.

[Source: SEGA Report]

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade is being tested in a Los Angeles shopping center


This isn’t the first time that SEGA Japan (which seems to be the one doing the testing) has teased their Hatsune Miku games to American audiences. This last E3, they had Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for display at Sony’s booth. Sadly the game never was localized.

Seems this time around that SEGA is testing to see if there is an interest in Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade, which is being tested right now through March 18th in the Puente Hills Mall. The game has an online pass fee thing, which you get free for doing a survey. It costs four credits to play.

Binary Domain US/EU demo gets dated

If you have been waiting for an English demo of Binary Domain while all your friends gobbled up the Japanese demo on the first of the month, then your wait is almost over. You can expect the PS3 demo tomorrow (February 14) and the Xbox 360 one on Wednesday (February 15).

Binary Domain comes out in North America on February 28th, 2012. Are you ready?

SEGA Studios San Francisco closes today

It is now official, SEGA Studios San Francisco is closing down today. Formerly known as Secret Level, they have brought us such timeless masterpieces such as Golden Axe: Beast Rider and Iron Man.

“SEGA of America is sad to announce the closure of SEGA Studios San Francisco. It is an immensely talented studio and we wish all the best to all of the staff in all their future endeavors. Moving forward, SEGA will continue to pursue external development opportunities all over the world and will continue to grow the renowned SEGA brand.”

They were working on Iron Man 2 and claiming it was going to be a ton better than the first game, but seeing all this drama; like being fired, I doubt it will be good at all.

[Source: IGN]