Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition looking more likely

As we recently reported, rumors are swirling about a Valkyria Chronicles-related announcement at the upcoming TGS due to a small tease on SEGA’s website. Well, from the looks of it, the secret may have been spoiled a little early. Japanese retailer Game Star has listed a Valkyria Chronicles: Extra Edition for a November 23rd release date, making it look incredibly likely that a budget-priced Valkyria Chronicles 3 is indeed on the way to Japanese PSPs.

While Western gamers may gain some hope from the idea that SEGA is not yet done with Valkyria Chronicles 3, no North American or European release has thusfar been announced for the title. Time will tell if that remains true for Extra Edition.

[Source: Andriasang]

Update: It is now being reported that SEGA will be re-releasing….the re-release of Valkyria Chronicles 2 as well, now for an even lower price of 1,890 yen. According to the same retailer, both these low-priced versions will be released on November 23rd.