Custom Sega Dreamcast bios aims to improve experience

You are probably sitting there thinking whats a bio and why should I give a damn? I mean, you have been playing your beautiful SEGA Dreamcast games just fine without these custom, fancy fan bios. First what is a bio? Well, you know that information that the system loads before it boots your game? That’s it.

What does this revised fan bios replace? Let’s check the list! 

  • Region free: boot GD/CD from any regions
  • No VGA flag check: no matter if the game supports the VGA output, the lets it boot
  • Bootfile extent check: allow a game to boot even if its bootfile, more commonly called 1ST_READ.BIN, is not located on the outer part of the disc
  • SEGA License screen skip
  • MIL-CD/backup direct boot
  • Black fade-in color while booting from menu
  • No VMU copy-protected file check

I tend to play my Dreamcast in VGA mode like most (cool) people, so the idea of just skipping the check on boot might be a good thing for me.The issue? the method for installing takes some talent with a soldering iron, something that I just don’t have.

[Via: RetroCollect]

VGA Thor: God of Thunder debut trailer

Yeah, I watched this year’s VGA show. How was it? A lot better than the other years. SEGA even had a game at the show, isn’t that great? Well, I wish it was something more ‘amazing’ to show, like the Sonic 20th anniversary project or something.

Regardless of what I want, here is your trailer. You can moan below about how the graphics look amazing that it gave you a head rush.

[Source: GameTrailers]

SEGA premiering Thor: God of Thunder at the VGAs

Every time I turn on the Video Game Awards on Spike TV, I always feel ashamed. The show is cheesy and the reveals are always over hyped. Regardless, I always miss that SEGA doesn’t do this sort of stuff, even if it is cheesy. SEGA is now jumping on the ‘first reveal’ VGA bandwagon,  they have a lot of great stuff coming out they could show… like Phantasy Star Online 2..

What will they show? Thor: God of Thunder. Oh, great. Why does SEGA of America advertise their horrible games like Iron Man and now this one, more than they do great games like Yakuza 4, Vanquish or Phantasy Star titles? Then they ask why they don’t sell.

Show will air on Saturday, December 11 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT. Put it on DVR, you will want to fast forward a lot.

[Source: Spike TV]