My Life with SEGA puts the Dreamcast Dream Movie VCD player to the test

Thanks to the efforts of Derek Pascarella of and ‘Pasca Entertainment’, Andrew Rosa reviews the Dream Movie VCD & MP3 Player from Innovation for SEGA Dreamcast.

Yes, the Video CD format may be as dead as 8-track tapes and MiniDisc. Regardless, the Saturn and Dreamcast VCD peripherals are rare, expensive, and in high demand. Aside from their ‘collectible’ status, why are so many SEGA fans so anxious to watch VHS-quality video on their SEGA consoles?

We honestly have no idea, but if you’re curious to see how this dated format fares on Dreamcast, as well as how it compares to Saturn, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you own the Dream Movie hardware but your disc is damaged or missing? Download the CDI file and burn a replacement today! You’re welcome.

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My Life with SEGA revives a dead format and plays some Video CDs on his SEGA Saturn

The celebration of the SEGA Saturn continues as A.J. Rosa takes a look back on the Video CD format, and the VCD movie card available for SEGA’s 32-bit powerhouse.

In addition, you’ll get a brief glimpse at his VCD collection, as well as the Dreammovie VCD player for SEGA Dreamcast. If you’ve been wanting a “crash course” on the Video CD format and how it all works with our beloved Saturn, look no further.

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