SEGA releases today: Conduit 2, Sonic 2 and Virtua Tennis 4 demo

SEGA and High Voltage’s sequel to The Conduit is finally hitting store shelves after many delays. The Wii shooter faces stiff competition today from Valve’s Portal 2 sequel and the new Mortal Kombat video game. Europe and Australia get the game on the 22nd.

Playstation 3 owners now get to play Virtua Tennis 4 with the exclusive world tour demo. The demo last week was exclusive to PSN Plus subscribers, this week it’s available for all PSN users. The demo clocks in at 878 MB.

Talking about PSN plus exclusives, Sonic 2 hits PSN for all users this week. Like the Virtua Tennis 4 demo, this was exclusive and free for Playstation Plus users for one week. The game will set you back a cool $4.99. Small price to pay for the best Sonic game ever.

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