Binary Domain – Weapons Trailer

Yet another trailer for Binary Domain, the new IP from Toshihiro Nagoshi (of Yakuza fame). This trailer highlights some of the weapons you will be armed with to take down those pesky robots! The trailer doesn’t really show off any unique weapons; indeed, most of them are a shoe-in in pretty much every shooter going. However the way they are used and the enemies they are used on looks far more exciting and really made the trailer quite awesome to behold.

I’m excited about Binary Domain, I think they should make a bigger deal of the ‘trust system’ they have in the game because that’s one of the things that really sets this one apart from the other 3rd person shooters out there!

[Special thanks Suzuki Yu]

Conduit 2 trailer shows off weapons

Seems that the weapons for Conduit 2 will be a mash up of other weapons found in popular FPS games, not that this is a bad thing. We have a gravity gun looking weapon and the “see enemies & shoot them behind walls” gun that was in Resistance 2, might have been in more games.

I thought the game was out next month but it seems to be delayed till March. This game best be awesome.

[Source: SEGA PR]
[Video uploaded by GoNintendo]