Weekend Reading: Valkyria Chronicles trophies

Everytime someone has a list of games that should get a trophy patch, Valkyria Chronicles is on that list right below Metal Gear Solid 4. Nothing new, but is it odd that fans are still asking for it? Isn’t it a tad bit late? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind it, but trophies won’t make the game better or worse. I guess its not going to hurt us to ask, is it?

Wow, more links than any other week. Anything that I missed?

Weekend reading: SEGA games underrated and overlooked?

Another week and another time for me to show you some good stories I read around the interwebs, today I give you two list that list SEGA’s games as ‘underrated’ or ‘overlooked’. Isn’t that odd? Especially considering that the ‘underrated’ list has games that rated rather well, like Demon’s Souls did better with critics than Final Fantasy XIII (as did Valkyria Chronicles).

If you’re an American, enjoy 4th of July, which is today (look at the post date). Get drink, come on SEGAbits and click random links. Please, don’t forget to leave a drunken message, you know how much we love those.

Weekend reading: Eggman a lame boss?

I read a ton of stuff online, mostly video game related articles and I never post my favorites. I will try to start highlighting some intresting stuff I read on the internet.

What interesting posts have you guys read around the interwebs?