Rumour: Sonic Colors May Be Ported, Mario & Sonic 3 Not Sports Related

So the long and the short of it is this, last year some random guy turned up on a site full of random people known as ‘4chan’. Calling himself  ‘Wentos the Traveling Salesman’ he claimed to be an insider from Sega with a lot of beans to spill.

Like some online Mystic Meg he then dispenses some rather vague predictions and info on upcoming Sonic games. For reasons unknown to me  people took stock in what this anonymous tipster had to say. Apparently many of his predictions did come true, albeit pretty vague ones I think anyone could have taken a stab in the dark at.

I’m not telling you this for the good of my health, so you have probably guessed it. He’s at it again… This time regarding Sonic Colours and Mario & Sonic.

Hit the jump to see what this guy is on about.