Yuji Naka set to reveal his HD action game

Yuji Naka started his own company, Prope, which started its relationship with SEGA by making Let’s Tap and Let’s Catch. Even though the games where not huge budget releases or sold a billion copies, most fans liked them.

Now after releasing some mobile games and the Wii/DS port of one of those mobile games, Ivy the Kiwi? Yuji Naka is getting ready to announce his upcoming HD game.

“I’d love to talk more about it but my publisher is telling me not to (laughs). All I can say is it’s going to be a very original action game based in the sky and I will provide more information within this month.” – Yuji Naka

Should be interesting, I have been waiting for him to announce this ‘action title’ he has been teasing since Let’s Tap.

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NiD.com interviews Yuji Naka

That’s right! The great people over at nightsintodreams.com have scored an interview with the man behind some of the most beloved Sega characters such as Sonic, Ristar and of course NiGHTS.

Being NiGHTS fans and not just the normal everyday press tools they got in some pretty good NiGHTS related questions that I recommend giving a good read over.

Like, did you know Steven Spielberg was the first person to play NiGHTS out side of Sega staff? What?

Find out everything HERE!

Yuji Naka is happy with new Sonic games

The guys from Destructoid have recently posted a interview with Yuji Naka, asking him what he thinks of Sonic’s current games and if he got to play them..

“Yes, I’ve played them a bit. I’m happy to see that Sonic is still growing after my departure. All the people that worked under me are still continuing the legacy of Sonic, and I’m glad to see that as well.

Realize that next year Sonic will be 20 years old. I look at it this way: 20 years of age is old enough to go out on your own, not relying on your father anymore. In that way, it’s good to take a step back and see what Sonic does from now.”

It is sad to see Yuji Naka not having any interest in doing a 20th anniversary game and ‘moving on’ from the franchise. What do you guys think?

Yuji Naka teases 2 more projects

Yuji Naka is on a ‘promotion’ streak for the U.S. release of Ivy the Kiwi? In the recent Nintendo Power magazine, Yuji hints at what to expect in the future from Prope.

“We’re currently developing an action game that has yet another new and unique control scheme, and another project that lets you experience a fun real-world activity within a game.” – Yuji Naka

With Playstation Move and Project Natal around the corner, it should be interesting to see what platform either of the projects is for.

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Ivy the Kiwi box art

I still refuse to put that damn question mark in the title, it just looks weird. Maybe I just hate questions? Well, if I did I just screwed it up by asking a question.

Regardless, above is the new box art for the domestic (if you live in America) version of Ivy the Kiwi? (even added the question mark) on the Nintendo DS. Hit the jump for the Wii version. Enjoy. Check out the game’s facebook page for more photos.