Jet Set Radio coming to Vita with touch controls

It has just been revealed that Jet Set Radio will also be available for Vita as well as PSN/360/PC. The Vita version will be an updated version which will feature touch controls for painting graffiti. This pretty much makes it the definitive version to get if you ask me.

The game will be playable on the E3 show floor.


9 responses to “Jet Set Radio coming to Vita with touch controls

  1. Definitive would be a console version on the TV screen. But the touch controls for graffiti making sounds cool.

    • pcwzrd13 says:

      Actually the definitive version would be the Dreamcast version but a portable version on the Vita sounds cool too :-).

  2. nuckles87 says:

    YES. Awesome!

    This is epically cool. I wonder if there will be cross platform play?

    Now bring on Sonic Adventure and Space Channel 5, SEGA!

  3. Centrale says:

    Oh man… this, plus a Vita price drop, would make for an irresistable combination.

  4. Radrappy says:

    whaaat that’s awesome. But yeah, the definitive version is the DC original. duh

  5. segaismysavior says:

    They also mention “Vita camera integration”, so that likely has to with custom graffiti.

    All the other consoles have cameras available, so I hope it’s a feature among all the versions. It’d be nice if they’d mention that, but they’re probably saving it for E3.

    • pcwzrd13 says:

      Hmmm, you know what would be cool? If you could use the Vita’s motion sensor to aim the spray can! Similar to the way you can aim the sniper rifle in Uncharted.

  6. peachlife says:

    oh now why does the ps vita have to be so god dam bulky and fat. I would buy a ps vita for this and the other amazing sega support it seems to be getting. I will wait for the ps vita slim

    • pcwzrd13 says:

      I actually think it’s the perfect size for a handheld. It’s not much bigger than the PSP. I really don’t think they could make it any smaller without reducing the screen size. They may improve other aspects of it (battery life, 4G, etc…) in a future revision but I wouldn’t count on them making it much smaller.

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