New Hero Bank trailer shows off both combat and exploration elements

SEGA of Japan has released a new action-packed trailer for Toshihiro Nagoshi’s upcoming 3DS RPG, Hero Bank. The footage provides us with a good look at the cinematic battles, which appear to feature a mix of menu-driven and action-driven gameplay: though the trailer’s editing makes it tough to tell exactly what the balance will be. While the battle scenes are voice acted, it looks like much of the rest of the game’s dialogue will be handled through text boxes.

The trailer also shows that Hero Bank will include some exploration elements, with the main character shown wandering through locations including a city street and classroom. The anime-driven visual style reminds me (during the non-combat sections) somewhat of the look of Shun Nakamura’s Ryhthm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure from last year, though thankfully Hero Bank will have explorable environments instead of a point and click system. The look and feel of the battles is reminiscent of Saturday Morning anime cartoons.

Specifics, especially with regard to Hero Bank’s combat system, are tough for me to judge at this point, as battles look to be text-heavy and as of now no Western release has been announced. The game is said to be targeting a younger audience, comes from Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball mastermind Toshihiro Nagoshi, and will be releasing on December 19th in Japan for the 3DS.


5 responses to “New Hero Bank trailer shows off both combat and exploration elements

  1. Will says:

    man! those cities are empty!

    *insert nagoshi comment about cities with no pedestrians with a yakuza game on 3DS*

  2. Ben says:

    Production values definitely don’t look the highest, though that’s more or less what I’d expect from a 3DS new IP from Sega. I’m just thankful it’s not releasing exclusively for smart phones.

    Game looks interesting, it would be nice to see a Western release, preferably with a budget price.

  3. whelps says:

    looks like garbage

  4. Trippled says:

    Better than Dinosaur King.

    Thats about it tough

  5. InTheSky says:

    surprisingly text heavy trailer, but game is looking interesting. I guess the focus is more on transformation on strategy than actual action.

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