My Life with SEGA reviews the AtGames Genesis Console

For many SEGA fans, the Genesis was their first SEGA console. In North America, it was easily the most successful system released by the then 49-year old company. Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut on the 16-bit juggernaut, followed by a string of classics, such as Streets of Rage, ToeJam & Earl, Comix Zone and Vectorman…. just to name a few.

Now, 25 years later, the Genesis is now a cherished memory of our gaming history. Many of its games have ported to several current-generation gaming consoles, like the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. In addition, there have been countless “cloned” Genesis consoles from RetroGen and AtGames. These are typically cheaply made, easy on the wallet, come with several built-in classic games and they’re fuckin’ EVERYWHERE! I’m not even kidding. I’ve found them book stores as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond. In fact, that’s where I purchased mine. Now, why would I buy one of these things? I have a CDX and a Model 1 Genesis. I certainly don’t NEED another Genesis. Why blow another $40 on something that undoubtedly wind up collecting dust in my closet? It’s simple, watch the video.

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8 responses to “My Life with SEGA reviews the AtGames Genesis Console

  1. GuitarAnthony says:

    You…you loose?

  2. Alex Peal says:

    I remember being really excited for the handheld version of this years ago, because I thought I could finally retire my Nomad for something with better battery life and a better screen. I even got my copy of Ristar with it. Then I played it and….the sound was just awful. I don’t even touch it now.

    • mylifewithsega says:

      Damn! That really sucks. Still, it was a kind gesture. I came very close to purchasing the handheld since the Nomad’s kinda’ pricey, but I had read way too many negative reviews. Just couldn’t do it.

    • mylifewithsega says:

      Oh, that sucks! Still, it was a kind gesture. 😀

      I cam close to purchasing one of those handhelds, since the Nomad’s is so much more expensive. A Nomad that’s in great shape, at least. However, I read way too many reviews that sighted a few crippling flaws. Real shame.

  3. Centrale says:

    That’s too bad… my well-meaning brother got it for me for xmas, but I hadn’t tried it out yet. Still, not too surprising. There’s usually something amiss with the audio on these contemporary retro consoles.

    For people who are gonna buy a real Genesis, they should also be aware there are significant variations in audio quality with the different versions. The best is the original, with “HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS” on the ring around the cartridge port. There are other ways to determine good and bad versions that have to do with the arrangement of ports on the back… you can find some info about all that via the internet brain.

  4. Mengels7 says:

    I enjoyed that a lot, thanks!

  5. cube_b3 says:

    The Games are by TecToy. Which makes them licensed games made in Brazil.

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