Discotek Media to release complete series DVD of SEGA’s Sonic X anime


Discotek Media, the company planning a Sega Hard Girls complete series DVD later this year, have just announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing the complete series of the 2003 Sonic the Hedgehog anime Sonic X to DVD later this year. Details beyond that are scarce, but they did state in the comments “English dub right now, not sure on Japanese version yet”. In the past, Discotek has released separate sub and dub releases, so while a sub release is not confirmed, it’s not completely out. More details as we hear them!


10 responses to “Discotek Media to release complete series DVD of SEGA’s Sonic X anime

  1. Mengels7 says:

    I think the Japanese version with subs is fantastic. The English dub cuts it up and changes so much dialog it’s just terrible. No thanks.

  2. Smash The Oni says:

    If there were also the Japanese version, then I’d be sold on it. The whole censorship thing makes that hard though.

  3. landman says:

    The worst part about the English dub (and most dubs that translated from the English one, the exception I know being the French dub), was the totally different soundtrack and, uh, the “extra” sound effects: they transformed an anime into a cartoon.

  4. Jam says:

    I wish they would redub it with a more accurate script to the original while changing only certain things that would be generally lost in translation because of different culture and backgrounds. Though such instances in Sonic X are few, believe.

    Also, I wish Discotek would reprint the Sonic OVA as well. I want it on DVD. I don’t have a VCR anymore and the old tape has gotten kinda worn out. (Don’t know how…)

  5. Hitrax says:

    Companies are still releasing DVDs only?
    Bluray is the new standard now and has been for years, if the argument for not doing it is that DVD caters to everybody – incl those who are still left with DVD only players and have not made the move to Bluray yet, then why not support both formats like most other companies do, instead of keeping everybody back by releasing only DVDs to accommodate the minority that still haven’t embraced the HD era with Bluray technology.

    Plus the technology has a worthwhile incentive for manufacturers to buy into, as it’s cheaper costs with reduced numbers of disks needed to store content in, as the capacity storage of Bluray disks significantly exceed DVD storage by comparison, 1 Bluray disk is the equivalent of 6 DVD disks.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Simple: DVDs are cheaper to produce and it opens up a larger base of customers. Everybody owns a DVD player of some kind, not as many own blu-ray players. Also, Sonic X isn’t an HD show. Discotek could cram the complete series on a blu-ray disc, like they are doing with Samurai Pizza Cats, but it seems they think that a DVD series would be a better product than an SD blu-ray release. And what’s the big deal? All blu-ray players play DVDs.

  6. Mendinso says:

    For anyone wondering what’s going on with the Japanese release, someone over at Sonic Retro talked about the subtitled version, as to what’s going on with that. I made a compilation of the posts over on Fandom Post, which you can read here:


  7. crack says:

    The dubbed show is horrible, but the og japanese subbed version was pretty fun. Chris was still a little bitch, but I liked that they went through the games’ stories.

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