Rumor: SEGA to bring games like Vanquish, Hatsune Miku and Virtua Fighter 5 to PC?

1866768Over at TSSZ News, site owner Tristan Oliver got himself cozy with a SEGA inside source who tells him that SEGA will continue to port to PC. Not that its a secret, considering that SEGA Europe openly tweeted as such but the interesting bit was what SEGA PC Ports they are considering.

According to TSSZ’s source, the lineup of upcoming SEGA PC ports will be extensive. One of the bigger titles that surprised me was the mention of Yakuza 0, but according to the source its just a idea the team has shot around and isn’t finalized.

According to TSSZ the following titles are ‘high priority’ SEGA PC ports:

  • Vanquish
  • Resonance of Fate
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva franchise
  • Virtua Fighter 5
  • Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Seems that SEGA won’t stop there as their source also talked about them wanting to port several Atlus games. So far SEGA has put out at least one PC port a year, so it might be quite awhile before we see all these titles.

So what do you guys think about this rumor? True or false? Any games not mentioned that deserve a PC port?

[Source: TSSZ]


18 responses to “Rumor: SEGA to bring games like Vanquish, Hatsune Miku and Virtua Fighter 5 to PC?

  1. celso says:

    Virtua Fighter 5 PC + Mods = Fighters Megamix 2 !!!

  2. OriginalName says:

    As someone who skipped the seventh generation of consoles entirely, but never gave up interest in games altogether, I’ve been as vocal about supporting PC ports as possible in petitions and with my wallet. PC is the only gaming platform that doesn’t seem superfluous to me these days.

    Virtua Fighter 5, in particular, is of enormous interest to me. Playing current generation Virtua Fighter online with a Sega Saturn pad would be blissful.

    I would love to see Atlus games, particularly Vanillaware titles like the upcoming 13 Sentinels, come to PC. I still haven’t played the Persona games, so that would be a great motivator.

  3. wiz says:

    Now we know how they will fill their empty western lineup in 2016…with more PC ports.
    My torrent in ready (sarcasm).

  4. DV2 says:

    Now bring me Jet Set Radio Future and i’ll be able to die happily

  5. Mohammed says:

    Vanquish and Resonance of Fate and Valkyria series

    and of course my favorite yakuza series

    ill buy them day one if that happen

  6. CrispX says:

    Unhappy with this news.
    This games are not old at all.
    Jet Set Radio Future have 13 years sega! 13 F# Years!

  7. Ezodagrom says:

    I want everything on that list, but especially the Project Diva franchise.

    • Bryceless-P says:

      I agree. I already have a Desktop that is slightly more powerful than a PlayStation 4, So I should have no problem playing it!

  8. AfroRyan says:

    Sega truly needs to reevaluate its strategy; there’s a lot of money in porting classic games to PC and consoles. The games are already finished and all that really needs to be done to make people happy is add achievements and leaderboards, and even without those many people would be happy just to have a modern platform to play them on. I can’t imagine porting most games is that big of an issue with emulation/upscaling, PS3 exclusives excluded, of course; that takes a lot of work I’m sure.

    • George says:

      But why are you sure it doesn’t take much work? I hear that all the time with fans “Just do this, it isn’t hard!!!” if it isn’t hard then why aren’t all the companies doing it super fast? Like Final Fantasy IX barely got announced for mobile and PC, why not PS4 and Xbone? Maybe it takes a bit more money than we all realize.

    • AfroRyan says:

      Or maybe there’s a bunch of bureaucracy with console publishing and getting something on PC and mobile is considerably faster and easier. Maybe publishers like Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami are completely out of touch with their older fanbase and only want to focus on capturing newer audiences instead of catering to already existing fans.

  9. Rodrigo says:

    We need Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic R… Yakuza… all Sonics and Yakuzas from PC!

  10. danieu says:

    well untils sega doesnt say its official well i dont buy it its

  11. Karl says:

    This is like when they put the dreamcast games on the 360 and ps3 nice

  12. Alex Townsend says:

    Please and thank you for Resonance of Fate… now that my ps3 is dead I’d like to have it on PC.

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