Camelot Software wants to make Shining Force IV


Camelot game producer Hiroyuki Takahashi joined a held conference in Japan titled “3rd Game Business Archive” along with Treasure President Masato Maegawa (where he teased an upcoming announcement) and Former Compile director Masamitsu “Moo” Niitani. During his talk he went into detail on Shining Force sale figures and numbers from games way back in the day. This is some of the information he discussed:

  • Shining in the Darkness shipped 300k units in Japan, while he states that it was about half the Mega Drive units sold at the time, its not 100% true. As of March 1991 the Mega Drive had 1.90 million units in Japan.
  • Shining Force CD was created for the team to practice on SEGA CD hardware, that’s why they added bonuses.
  • Hiroyuji Takahashi has confirmed that he would like to make Shining Force IV.

As you already know, Camelot Software had a falling out with SEGA after the development of Shining Force III on the SEGA Saturn. Shortly after they went on to work with Nintendo on the highly acclaimed Golden Sun series then after started making various Mario sport titles. If SEGA is serious about reviving older IPs on its road to 2020, then they should totally take Camelot Software up on this offer.

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8 responses to “Camelot Software wants to make Shining Force IV

  1. OriginalName says:

    As a long time Sega fan, I’m just thrilled to see major players from Treasure, Camelot, and Compile all in the same room. They developed for other companies too, but they all (alongside Technosoft and Game Arts) felt like secondary-Sega.

  2. TDixpix says:

    I would probably die if this happened. omfg

  3. MercenaryOne says:

    This would be the best thing Sega/Camelot could ever do, release it on Switch with a collectors edition. I would buy 2 copies just because.

  4. Fernandeath says:

    I’d like to see that come true

  5. isorb says:

    Plz god make this happened!!

  6. Casper says:

    That would be superb! I would instabuy it!

  7. ratfish says:

    If only… sadly Camelot is not what it once used to be (much like SEGA at this point) and Shining Force 3 Sc3 wrapped things up well much like PSIV for that series. Sadly, we’re never going to get another SRPG of Shining Force. We got Shenmue 3 under completely different circumstances, and SEGA is not in the business of listening to former employees. Face it.

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