SEGA News Bits: Shining series turns 25 years old

25 years ago today, on March 29th 1991, Shining in the Darkness released to the Japanese Mega Drive. While the original game did not light the world on fire, the later Shining Force games would become some of the best strategy RPGs ever produced. The series is still going strong, at least in Japan, with Blade Arcus from Shining EX releasing just last year.

Whatever you may think about the recent installments, most fans agree that the Shining Force games were legendary and the original Shining in the Darkness is to thank for starting the franchise. Join us on this SEGA News Bits as we share our Shining memories and talk about the possible future of the series, and don’t forget to brush up on all the SEGA anniversaries hitting this year!

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5 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Shining series turns 25 years old

  1. Miguel says:

    I hated that they never put the trilogy of Shining Force 3 on Sega Dreamcast let alone any of the series. I have an Xbox 360 and hate that the series is on PlayStation and I do not intend to buy that system although if Sega is planning on a new system hell yeah I’ll buy Segas new console😁

    • Stan says:

      Don’t be dumb and refuse to play a certain console. These games started out on a Sega console so your logic is flawed. But hey keep denying yourself a good time, its only affecting you genius.

  2. ChocoLand says:

    Hey team, great job on these look-back vids! Really dig the site

    • George says:

      Hey ChocoLand, Thanks for the positive feedback, we are working for others, but will come later on their Anniversary dates. Next month is Wonder Boy, who doesn’t like Wonder Boy?

    • Bryan says:

      Will we EVER get Shining Force 3: chapters 2 & 3 in English language and North American region? Have any independent groups worked on the translation? And if so, where can we get it (preferably on Saturn or Dreamcast). And WONDER BOY! First game is identical to “Adventure Island”, didn’t like it at all. WB 2 is a truly fantastic action rpg and a hoot to play! The Opus is WonderBoy 3: The Dragon’s Trap! It took all of the greatest elements of WB 2, and amped it through the roof by unlocking different animals you must transform into to defeat (even fit) in the stages: Mouse, Fish-guy, Hawk, Lion! Highly acclaimed by all who’ve ever played it! (It’s on TG: 16 too).

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