Introducing the SEGAbits Patreon: Support Us and Get Exclusives! is a SEGA fansite that has been regularly updated since 2010, dedicated to the mission of giving fans a portal into all things SEGA. We have expanded this mission by providing users with news videos on our YouTube channel, presenting interesting tidbits on Twitter and offering up near daily SEGA content on Instagram. With all our social networks combined, we have amassed over 63,000 followers!

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SEGAbits is also a hobby project, not a full time job. After eight years it has become clear that we actually spend a fair amount of money keeping SEGAbits operational. To continue to provide content to SEGA fans we have decided to ask our followers to become our patrons. With YouTube removing the ability to put ads on our channel and not wanting to fill our website with annoying and intrusive ads, it seems that Patreon will be the best way to keep SEGAbits up and running. Check out the perks and hopefully you will support us and get some awards along the way:

  • SEGA News Bits: Giving you SEGA News commentary videos as the news hits.
  • What If…: A series of videos discussing ‘What if’ scenarios for example – “What if SEGA Made a Dreamcast Classic Collection”.
  • SEGAbits Reviews: Giving you written and video reviews of all new SEGA games as they release.
  • SEGA Talk Podcast: Discussing previously released SEGA Games in detail, in podcast form! Covering everything from development and marketing to gameplay and characters.
  • Swingin’ Report Show Podcast: A podcast where we interview SEGA related people. In the past we have interviewed SEGA of America President and CEO (‘90-’96) Tom Kalinske, SEGA Marketing Director Al Nilsen from the Genesis days, Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Aaron Webber, Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor Roger Craig Smith, Toejam & Earl co-creator Greg Johnson, and more!
  • SEGAbits Unboxings and Fastest Food Alive: Whenever a new piece of SEGA merch hits our mailbox, we like to show it off to our viewers! We also showcase older items and in the Fastest Food Alive series, Barry showcases the many Sonic the Hedgehog food products and food premiums!

If you have just followed us or have been following us for years, we hope you decide to support our content. Thank you!


7 responses to “Introducing the SEGAbits Patreon: Support Us and Get Exclusives!

  1. TDixpix says:

    You have my $$! Way to keep up such a great and regular news site.

  2. Caledonia says:

    Never used Patreon before, but have been planning to work it out eventually when my money situation is sorted and better organised, this will probably be the new tempt to put it into action now.

    • Barry says:

      We’ll be there when you’re ready! The great thing is, the backlog is open to you as well so if you come on board in the next month or two you’ll have content to catch up on (depending on the tier).

  3. Eck says:

    Just got American Patrons? I’m new to Patreon and see it all listed in dollar currency.

  4. RapidRun73 says:

    Hey, I’d love to be a patron! One thing, though: you mentioned in this article that you mean to keep this site ad-free, yes? I’m seeing ads in multiple areas of the mobile site right as I read this very article. For example, there’s a row of auto-scrolling ads just above the “Related Posts” section. Is there any way that can stop being a thing normally, or is that a patron-exclusive thing as well? Thanks for your time. 🙂

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