Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia Hardcover Book Releasing in Time For Sonic’s 30th – Written by Ian Flynn

An Amazon listing for Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia has appeared, confirming a very cool release from SEGA in time for Sonic’s 30th anniversary. The hardcover book from SEGA and Dark Horse publishing will be 256 pages long (just a little shorter than Pix’n Love Editions History of Sonic the Hedgehog book from the 20th anniversary) and most notably, the book is being written by IDW Sonic the Hedgehog lead writer Ian Flynn.

Celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary with a full-color hardcover historical retrospective that explores nearly every one of the blue speedster’s video game appearances!

Dive deep into the extensive lore and exhaustive detail of each game in Sonic’s ever-expanding universe–from the beloved SEGA Genesis to the most bleeding-edge video game consoles. This tome leaves no stone unturned, showcasing in-depth looks at the characters, settings, and stories from each exciting installment!

Dark Horse Books and SEGA present the Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-Speed-ia–a must-have volume for any fan of Sonic, young or old!

You can pre-order the book here, and we’ll be sure to share more information on it closer to the release.


4 responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia Hardcover Book Releasing in Time For Sonic’s 30th – Written by Ian Flynn

  1. gem9103 says:

    A book written by Ian Flynn
    No , thinks I’m gonna skip it .

  2. PapersOwl says:

    This is an interesting book and I think I would even like to read it, because I think it’s very cool.
    This book can be called a classic, as well as the book “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, which is one of the contenders for the title of the Great American Novel. I recommend you also read this book and the peculiarity of its plot on the site. I’m sure it will be a great book for your leisure.

  3. I’ve seen Dark Horse updating their information sites rather slowly before. And the descriptive text between both versions being mostly the same, but not quite, doesn’t give me 100% confidence, either. Still, it’s the most official information we have, as far as I know.

  4. word counter says:

    Sharing is very helpful for students like me. I need more references

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