The House of the Dead: Remake announced for Nintendo Switch

It’s official! The House of the Dead: Remake was shown on Nintendo Indie World showcase and will be available for Nintendo Switch. The game will be published by Forever Entertainment and developed by MegaPixel Studio, the developers behind Panzer Dragoon: Remake and will feature the classic arcade rail-shooter gameplay with a whole new entourage of updated graphics and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards.

Release date and other console release for the title has yet to be announced. We will update this article when more news arrive. You can follow the game’s social media outlets to be keep up to date!

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UPDATE: Screenshots added to the article



8 responses to “The House of the Dead: Remake announced for Nintendo Switch

  1. BionicDodo says:

    I would much rather play this on PSVR, with a Move controller, than on Switch. Hope it gets a port.

  2. This game looks a little weak. I absolutely love House of the Dead 1 and 2. I would be more excited for an arcade perfect port. Hopefully that will be included.

  3. Eck says:

    Big hook, another Switch exclusive, of all places it could have gone… another major missed opportunity and yet again another Sega IP Sega can’t even be bothered to handle itself in an inchoate state.

    Suppose at this point this is now the inevitable status quo and will remain for the next 5 years or so.

  4. a says:

    This genuinely looks horrible, but what do you expect from Forever Entertainment, the very people who brought us blockbusters such as Garfield Kart. Also, this is not a Sega game.

  5. OriginalName says:

    It honestly looks good to me. I’m surprised by the negativity given what this is. No reason to complain about it being on Switch, that’s the only console out there with a viable control method for a light gun shooter. Graphics are a little on the dark and murky side, unlike, say, The House of the Dead 2, but the original and recent entries are on the dreary side as well. It’s a valid aesthetic choice for the subject matter. It doesn’t look like it’s going to blow my mind, but even for me, a perpetual whiner when it comes to these kinds of revivals, this looks fine.

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