Rumor: Judgment coming to an end over disagreement with lead actor’s talent agency due to PC release

Ever since the first game of Judgment came out, everyone said that it was a one off game because of how famous and controlling lead actor Takuya Kimura’s (playing Takayuki Yagami) talent agency is. It was shocking seeing SEGA remaster the game, announce a sequel then name ‘Judgment‘ its action series moving forward; with the main Yakuza games being turn based.

Looks like the issues with Takuya Kimura may have just started as reported by Nikkan Taishu, Judgment series may be coming to an end, due to disputes between Kimura’s talent agency and SEGA over the release of the PC version of Lost Judgment (even tho Judgment was technically on Stadia, but I guess Japan hasn’t heard of the service).

 “those on the side of the game developer and those on the side of [Kimura’s talent agency] Johnny’s are said to have been unable to reach an agreement regarding the platforms to sell the game.”

When Lost Judgment was announced the Japanese website listed Windows 10 and Steam as platforms for the game but as Tojo Dojo & Wario64 have pointed out, they have been removed.

SEGA did get back to PC Gamer where they stated:

“The game is being announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Sega has no plans to bring Lost Judgment to PC at this time.”

According to the Nikkan Taishu article, SEGA sees the PC platform as vital to the game’s success where Takuya’s talent agency isn’t for it. Maybe they aren’t happy having it on a platform that could easily be modded and ruin Takuya Kimura’s image. Since he is a huge boy band, its obvious that these talent agencies are over bearing and controlling.

While I love the Judgment game, if SEGA gives them something as vital as not appearing on a platform, this will open it up for the talent agency to start controlling more of the Judgment franchise.

Thankfully for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, they have created a slew of great characters that could replace ‘Judgment’ as a series. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to play a Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima spin-off game?


9 responses to “Rumor: Judgment coming to an end over disagreement with lead actor’s talent agency due to PC release

  1. hardtruths says:

    Actors can be replaced.

  2. tdixpix says:

    Yeah, it’s not as if people know what his face looks like.

  3. Michael says:

    Why does the actor and agency care what hardware the games are available on??

    • DCGX says:

      The agency’s concern is what PC modders could do with their clients’ images. I’m not saying it’s a valid concern to worry about, but that’s their complaint.

      The larger issue now is that, with the agency bringing this concern out, it will only make modders do what they were trying to prevent.

  4. KaneOhh says:

    The issue at hand seems futile. I would not be surprised if the sequel releases on PC sometime after the initial release on consoles. There’s money to be made, and I believe that the talent agency gets a cut. They should likely bend.

  5. Eck says:

    Another Sega IP potentially ruined then, another newer one, like Bayonetta.

    • DCGX says:

      Wow. Dramatic much? (Rhetorical, because yes, yes you’re dramatic).

    • Eck says:

      ‘Dramatical’ how? I’m more fixated with the realities, the veracity is the basis of my comment, not the ‘tone’ – as you interpreted it.

      The reality is this could bring an end to this series which Sega has invested heavily in, just like Boyonetta, why do you think Sega have re-released the original Bayonetta, but can’t even touch Bayonetta 2 and, eventually Bayonetta 3.

    • DCGX says:

      Because SEGA only has publishing rights to ‘Bayonetta 1’ and Nintendo has publishing rights to ‘Bayonetta 2’ and ‘3.’ SEGA can’t do anything with the latter two entries. It isn’t like the series went downhill with ‘2’ and ‘3’ is in production. So, yes, you’re being dramatic.

      Apples and oranges anyway, because SEGA hasn’t said anything other than the ‘Judgment’ series isn’t on PC. Until there’s anything more, articles like this are an overreaction.

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