My Life with SEGA celebrates twenty years of Saturn with Virtua Fighter

The SEGA Saturn celebration continues as Andrew Rosa and Mickey Mac with special guest Erica Winter “enjoy” one of the very first games released for the SEGA Saturn…. Virtua Fighter! Stay tuned for next week’s part two as AJ, Mickey Mac, and Erica tackle another Saturn classic. We’re not going to spoil it, but here’s a hint: it rhymes with “Smirtua Spider Shoe”.

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My Life with SEGA revives a dead format and plays some Video CDs on his SEGA Saturn

The celebration of the SEGA Saturn continues as A.J. Rosa takes a look back on the Video CD format, and the VCD movie card available for SEGA’s 32-bit powerhouse.

In addition, you’ll get a brief glimpse at his VCD collection, as well as the Dreammovie VCD player for SEGA Dreamcast. If you’ve been wanting a “crash course” on the Video CD format and how it all works with our beloved Saturn, look no further.

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My Life with SEGA celebrates Halloween with Zombie Revenge for the Dreamcast

‘Tis the season to be scary, SEGA fans! That’s why A.J. Rosa of My Life with SEGA is reviewing Zombie Revenge for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Zombie Revenge is a side story of the SEGA arcade smash, The House of the Dead. Point of fact, according to our wiki (SEGA Retro), the working title for Zombie Revenge was Blood Bullet: The House of the Dead Side Story…. Yeeeaaah, no.

Anyway, Zombie Revenge is a beat-’em-up/shooter, similar to Die Hard Arcade (Dynamite Deka). Gamers must punch, kick, shoot, slice and dice their way through the walking dead in order to stop a demented madman from wiping all of mankind off the face of the planet. So, how does this mash-and-bash stack up after 15 years? Turn down the lights and crank up the volume. It’s time to kill.

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My Life with SEGA both loves and fears Alien: Isolation for Playstation 3

On the latest episode of My Life with SEGA, rather than stepping back in time, we’re going to check out the newest title from SEGA and The Creative AssemblyAlien: Isolation. Developed in-house and released last week to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, Alien: Isolation takes a different approach when it comes to what players have come to expect from Alien franchise video games. For starters, it’s not a first person shooter! Instead, The Creative Assembly have cooked up a first person survival horror game that is very much in line with the tone of the original Alien film directed by Ridley Scott. How does SEGA’s latest Alien outing fare? Check out the video to find out!

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My Life with SEGA cranks up the Aerosmith and plays SEGA Saturn’s Revolution X

Time to get back in the saddle, rockers, because the New Order Nation has declared war on everything we hold dear: rock music, movies, video games, sex and red meat….

Good lord, it sounds the “Moral America” in Escape from L.A.

Anyway, the oppressive New Order Nation, led by Head Mistress Helga, has abducted Aerosmith (no shit, folks). Now it is up to A.J. Rosa and Erica Winter to save 90’s pop culture. 1996 is gonna’ EXPLODE!

All kidding aside, this gimmicky arcade rail shooter was first released in 1994 and ported to several gaming consoles of the day, including the SEGA Genesis, SNES and PlayStation. While it claims it was a “#1 arcade smash hit”, Revolution X received a lukewarm to negative reception upon its release.

But how can this be?! It has AEROSMITH! There’s guns! There’s hot chicks in bikinis! There’s blood! How can this game suck?!

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My Life with SEGA crosses streams with Ghostbusters for the SEGA Genesis

My Life with SEGA ain’t afraid of no ghosts as AJ crosses streams with Ghostbusters on SEGA Genesis! 30 years ago, Ivan Reitman delivered one of the best films of 1984, starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. It was brimming with laughs, action, and some of the best visual effects of the day.

24 years ago, Compile and SEGA delivered a side-scrolling platformer for the fresh-faced 16-bit Genesis. Is it just as enjoyable as the film it’s based on, or is it just a great big….Twinkie?

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My Life with SEGA experiences full-motion video magic in a Digital Pictures double feature

It’s a very special episode of My Life with SEGA where A.J. Rosa and his girlfriend Erica Winter play through some tried-and-true SEGA CD “classics” produced by Digital Pictures.

First off, Erica is exposed to the horrifically cheesy 1992 panty-raid Night Trap for the very first time. Can she save the airhead teenagers from the dreaded Augers, or will she have to sit this one out in the S.C.A.T. mobile?

Second, A.J. takes the controls in the SEGA Club oddity Kids on Site. Yes, the full-motion video epic that gave youngsters of the 90’s a taste of the fun and exciting world of….construction?!

Grab your tennis racquets and hard hats, kids. It’s gonna’ be a bumpy game!

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My Life with SEGA sees red in Mortal Kombat II for the SEGA 32X

The ‘shroom finally blows…. out its candles with the third and final part of the 32X Anniversary Special with a very special 2-Man Scramble that’s dripping with blood. Oh yeah, it’s Mortal Kombat II.

In 1993, this critical and commercial treasure spread faster than herpes in a whore house. After having been unleashed in arcades across the planet, Mortal Kombat II soon spread to nearly every single home console/handheld available at the time. Even though SEGA’s ill-conceived 32-bit add-on went the way of the Virtual Boy in less than a year, its port of the Midway smash is still well regarded to this day….

Is this port a flawless victory? Find out with AJ, Mickey Mac, and newcomer, Erica Winter, before we open presents.

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My Life with SEGA goes back in time to play BC Racers on the SEGA 32X

Welcome back to the 32X birthday celebration! This week, A.J. Rosa and Mickey Mac burn….ummm, rubble? Yeah, on the mean streets of “Bedrock”, or wherever the Hell it is, in BC Racers for the 32X! Developed and published by Core Designs and first released on the Sega CD, or Mega CD for those across the pond, though it was later ported to the 32X. While it does take place in the Chuck Rock universe, the narrative is virtually meaningless to our dim-witted duo….

It’s all about that need. The need….for SPEED! Sure, we’ll go with that.

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My Life with SEGA travels to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars Arcade for the SEGA 32X

That’s right, gang! My Life with SEGA has decided to celebrate the ill-fated 32X on its 20th anniversary by rehashing its not-so-exciting adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Arcade! Yeah, baby! This time, AJ is not alone. AJ and his faithful sidekick Mickey Mac, are going up against the Galactic Empire in a desperate attempt to see the fuckin’ ending!

If you wish to see the original solo – pardon the pun – review of Star Wars Arcade, you can find it after the break!

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My Life with SEGA Season 3 begins with a pulpy SEGA Genesis classic – Comix Zone

My Life with SEGA is back, and in HD! That’s right, it’s retro gaming in high-definition.

In the season 3 premiere, I go back 18 years to re-experience a 16-bit piece of art, ripping through page after page of aliens and mutants in Comix Zone. Developed by Sega Technical Institute, this brawler from the mid 90’s was praised for it’s glorious presentation, but scolded for its late arrival and brief playthrough.

Now that Comix Zone is old enough to move out, how does it hold up today? Click it. Watch it. Love it. Damn! That sounds kinda’ dirty, doesn’t it? Oh well.

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My Life with SEGA Season 2 ends with a SEGA Saturn classic – Die Hard: Arcade

My Life with SEGA season 2 ends with punches, kicks, and several explosions as Mickey Mac and I take on the SEGA Saturn classic Die Hard: Arcade in a 2-Man Scramble! With season 2 over, what’s next for My Life with SEGA? I’ll be taking a break from the series as of now to concentrate on other projects. However, don’t think for a moment that My Life with SEGA is dead.

Next season is going to change things up where I’m sharing more single-player games with friends, like Mickey Mac, Lauren and others. I’ll do some straight reviews with big name titles (yes, Shenmue II), but this will be more freeform from Season 3 onward. Also, The Next Level/No Limits VCD: Special Edition is still in the works.

A big thanks to everyone – my family, friends, fans and SEGAbits – for keeping My Life with SEGA alive and well. It’s amazing to think that, come September 11th, it will be celebrating its 3rd birthday. I love you all, and I thank you from deep down in the cockles of my heart…. maybe below the cockles. Maybe even in the sub-cockle area. Maybe in the liver. Maybe in the kidneys. Maybe even in the colon. I don’t know.


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My Life with SEGA doesn’t need a badge to play Streets of Rage 2 & 3

My Life with SEGA’s Streets of Rage three parter comes to an end in the midst of Streets of Rage week at SEGAbits! In part one we looked back on one of the best beat ’em ups to grace SEGA’s 16-bit machine. In part two, Jimmy Mac and myself tackled two player mode for a 2-Man Scramble. Now we take a look at the sequels that followed, the appropriately named Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3. Do the sequels live up to the original, or do they fail to reach the excellence of the first game? Punch the play button to find out!

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