My Life with SEGA doesn’t need a badge to play Streets of Rage 2 & 3

My Life with SEGA’s Streets of Rage three parter comes to an end in the midst of Streets of Rage week at SEGAbits! In part one we looked back on one of the best beat ’em ups to grace SEGA’s 16-bit machine. In part two, Jimmy Mac and myself tackled two player mode for a 2-Man Scramble. Now we take a look at the sequels that followed, the appropriately named Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3. Do the sequels live up to the original, or do they fail to reach the excellence of the first game? Punch the play button to find out!

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One response to “My Life with SEGA doesn’t need a badge to play Streets of Rage 2 & 3

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Wow, I have never seen Streets of Rage sequels torn apart like that. I am not disagreeing with your opinion I am just stating that you are really hard on the game.

    For most SOR fans the sequel is the best entry in the series.

    For me personally 3 is the best. Your gameplay complaints with SOR3 are restricted to the west. Since I grow up in Asia I played BK3, while I could not read the plot (which left me to fill in the blanks with my imagination), I did enjoy the original sprite colors and the default difficulty setting.

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