SEGA shows off their free-to-play Puyo Puyo arcade and more

Being a arcade gamer is hard, just trying a game means you will have to drop some money. But SEGA is planning on changing that with their latest Puyo Puyo game called  Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade. The game above was shown in a private show, this will be SEGA’s first dip into the free-to-play marketplace.

The game will allow anyone to come up and play it, but if you want to get the full potential out of the game, you will have to start using credits to purchase upgrades. This is SEGA taking the Western tablet/phone model of free-to-play and applying it on a arcade title.

Sega Registers New Trademarks

Sega have recently registered the following trademarks
-Rusty Hearts
-Border Break Union
-Deko Boko Chibi Kart
-Lop It
-Yume, Kanaeshimono

Border Break Union appears to be a new version of Segas hit Arcade game Border Break and Yume, Kanaeshimono is the sub-name of Yakuza 5. As for the others, we’ll just have to wait and see. If I was to hazard a guess I would say Lop It and Deko Boko Chibi Kart sound like Arcade games whilst Rusty Hearts sounds more like a JRPG.