Sega Registers New Trademarks

Sega have recently registered the following trademarks
-Rusty Hearts
-Border Break Union
-Deko Boko Chibi Kart
-Lop It
-Yume, Kanaeshimono

Border Break Union appears to be a new version of Segas hit Arcade game Border Break and Yume, Kanaeshimono is the sub-name of Yakuza 5. As for the others, we’ll just have to wait and see. If I was to hazard a guess I would say Lop It and Deko Boko Chibi Kart sound like Arcade games whilst Rusty Hearts sounds more like a JRPG.


6 responses to “Sega Registers New Trademarks

  1. Crazytails says:

    Rusty hearts allready exists and is a free to play game

  2. TaroYamada says:

    Rusty Hearts is the name of a F2P MMO, I wonder if Sega is publishing the game in Japan.

  3. TaroYamada says:

    How did I not see CT’s? Oh well. Double Impact I suppose.

    Yes that’s a Street fighter reference.

  4. Crazytails says:

    Nah you corrected me perfectly there. It could be indeed they’re publishing it for japan, which I don’t really think is a good idea. Rusty hearts is a game i played before spiral knights and it just seemed very basic after I went back. I guess in japan the east there is still enough of an audience for games like this.

  5. SkyBlue says:

    I am now hoping that Border Break will be released in the West via XBLA/PSN.

    Usually, we are given the original version if the “Superior” one is released in Japan.

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