Hey, you got Yakuza in my Border Break!

From the Tokyo Game Show comes a crazy bit of crossover news. While showing off the iOS Border Break game, Gun Front Gale, and the arcade game Border Break Union (version 3.0 of the game), SEGA announced that a number of Yakuza characters will cameo in the arcade version of the game. It seems, however, that it has yet to be revealed just how the characters will be worked in. Only illustrations and the promise of cameos were revealed. As for version 3.0, 10 player co-op will be possible and the game will hit Japanese arcades on October 11th. Click here for more photos from the event.

Thanks to Aki At for the tip!

Border Break heading to iOS and new arcade version coming soon?

Ah yes, Border Break. That awesome-looking third-person mech battle game developed by AM2 that Westerners really wish they could play. Japanese gaming magazine and news site Famitsu are reporting that a Border Break game is heading to iOS, entitled  “Border Break mobile – Front Gun Gale”. A new arcade version 3.0 of the game, along with the iOS title, is said to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show on the 23rd. Given that the arcade version has yet to release outside of Asian countries, it is doubtful that the iOS version will get a Western release. But even so, fingers crossed! Thanks to ROJM for the tip.