Stella Glow to get American demo on October 27th

If you wanted to check out the SRPG released by SEGA in Japan and developed by Imageepoch called ‘Stella Glow‘, you will be able to play a demo soon thanks to Atlus. Atlus has announced that the demo will hit the American Nintendo e-shop on the October 27th.

Pictured above is the Atlus launch day edition of the game that comes with a ton of goodies. Make sure if you want all that good stuff, that you pre-order the game at your local pre-ordering game store. The game will be released in North America on November 17th, 2015 and cost $49.99 USD.

Sonic Generations 3DS to hit e-shop in two days, be priced at $29.99?

According to Vernon Schieck on twitter, famous for being a ‘not-so-secret behind-the-scenes gaming tipper’, SEGA is going to release a digital version of Sonic Generations on Nintendo’s e-shop. Problem? They want to charge users the premium price of $29.99 for a old game.

Honestly, I know SEGA is capitalizing on new Nintendo 3DS owners that want to play a Sonic game before Sonic Lost World comes out later in the fall, but charging them a premium price isn’t how you do it.

How much do you think SEGA should charge for a digital version of Sonic Generations on the 3DS?

Two more Game Gear RPG’s rated for 3DS E-Shop

Hajya pal! Once again, the Australian ratings board is leaking out more Game Gear info. Two more Game Gear games have been leaked by being rated for the 3DS Virtual Console and this time it’s some serious RPG fanservice! Defenders of Oasis, an old-school traditional 8-Bit RPG done in the One Thousand and One Nights style and Shining Force: Sword of Hajya, another in the line of fan-favorite tactical RPG’s. Both should hopefully be out later this year.