SEGA promotes Japan relief auctions with free Dreamcast PS3 theme

[American Theme/European Theme]

If you didn’t know, SEGA is selling tons of rare swag on ebay. Nice right? To help promote this, they are giving a free PSN theme away. The theme comes in two flavors, European and American.

What is the difference? The European Dreamcast had a blue swirl, thus the theme is more blue and the American had an orange swirl, making the theme more orange.

Since PSN is down, download below:
American Theme | European Theme

Someone buy me a copy of Shenmue signed by Yu Suzuki, please?

[Via: SEGA Blog]

Yakuza keeping looters at bay in Japan?

Here in America, if someone farts too loud everyone begins to loot their local Wal-Mart. In Japan, after a huge Earthquake and Tsunami, it seems that crime and looting is rather low. Why is that?

“In times of crisis, there are not Yakuza and civilians or foreigners. There are only human beings and we should help each other.”- Yakuza Boss

It seems major yakuza familes have squads that are patrolling the streets, just like police would do says Slate. Good to know that even people that are considered criminals can realize that you should help your neighbors when they are in need. Kazuma Kiryu would be proud!

[Source: Slate Via: Japanator]