Developer Retrospective: Experience synesthesia with SEGA’s United Game Artists


This month we are proud to celebrate the unique and musical driven games of United Game Artists (ユナイテッド・ゲーム・アーティスツ). The team was made up of members of SEGA AM6 and headed by Sega AM3’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Unfortunately, the team was short lived and only released three titles under the ‘United Game Artists’ banner. Regardless, those three games have made such an impact on us gamers that we are still talking about them over a decade later.

Insider reports that Tetsuya Mizuguchi has walked out on Q Entertainment

CVG reports that an insider has let leak that Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Sega Rally Championship, Rez, Child of Eden, Lumines, Every Extend Extra) has left Q Entertainment, a studio Mizuguchi co-founded in 2003. Mizuguchi’s departure actually took place in 2013, however this was kept quiet from the public until last week when an employee at the company notified CVG that chief executive Shuji Utsumi had also left the company. It is believed that Utsumi’s departure is due to Q Entertainment’s stock being acquired by Sanyo Chemical Industries. CVG reports that these claims are not verified, due to Q Entertianment lacking an English-speaking spokesperson, however CVG was able to confirm via another source that Mizuguchi has left the group.

We wish Mizuguchi, and Utsumi, the best of luck in their future endeavors. Who knows, maybe Mizuguchi could return to SEGA?

What about Rez HD on PSN?

So with the new announcement of Children of Eden, gamers that have not experienced Rez are obviously intrested in giving the game a go. Especially with all the awards that Children of Eden is snatching up at E3. Playing Rez HD is easy for 360 owners, having the game on their marketplace. PS3 only owners, not so much. When asked on twitter if a user should get Rez on PS2 or just wait for Rez HD on PS3, Q Entertainment responded:

“I’d buy it on PS2 if I were you. If it comes to PSN, it probably won’t be any time soon. Maybe Sega will port it to XBLA/PSN? Duno” Q Entertainment Twitter

This is true, Rez licenses is still owned by SEGA. Rez HD had to be done under the permission of SEGA. I think, if SEGA wanted to do a PSN/XBLA (with extra stuff) now is the time, especially when everyone is going crazy over Children of Eden.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi to announce new game tomorrow at E3

This is actually a long way coming, I have been following this announcement for a couple of years. The game has always been billed as the ‘spiritual successor’ to Rez, one of his more acclaim pieces of work by fans. He was suppose to announce the project called QJ with Atari, but that fell through and Mr. Mizuguchi is now working for Ubisoft, who will finally announce his new game in LA tomorrow.

His tweet:

“Q Entertainment’s new game to be revealed on Monday @5pm PST at the LA Theater. Set your clocks now! Return to SYNESTHAESIA!!”

It sucks to see someone that used to make great games for SEGA leave the company, but its also sad to see SEGA not try to scoop that talent back. Regardless of publisher, I’m still looking forward to seeing his game and what he will create. What about you guys?

[Source: GoNintendo]