Want to go down a sexy lady? Super Monkeyball: Banana Splitz has your back!

For long term fans of the series, having a woman in a bikini may be the last thing you would expect but here we are, with SEGA confirming that Gravure model Yukie Kawamura will have a level designed around her, how to say, assets? As AiAi charges down to the goal post, players will have to make sure they navigate past the bumps in the level.

But those expecting this level to be available in the Western versions will be disappointed, as the Japanese version of the title is rated C (One rating level below the adult rating in Japan) whilst the game is E for Everyone, though perhaps yet another indication that this Monkey Ball is aimed at adults unlike the recent releases in the series. Hit the jump after the break for more screenshots.

SEGA Memories: SEGA’s amazing E3 2000 floor show

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m not too excited for this year’s E3. Why? Well, for starters, no SEGA press show. Of course, there has been no SEGA press show for many years so that’s an old complaint. But as the years have passed, it feels like SEGA has done less and less in terms of spectacle at E3. No press shows, as mentioned, no big reveals and most importantly: no awesome floor shows. That’s why this week’s Monday Memories article exists, to take you back to 2000 when SEGA had a floor show worthy of Disneyland.

Yukie Kawamura dons a bikini and bounces on a ball to promote Monkey Ball Vita


Earlier this month we reported on one of the more…interesting features that SEGA has planned for their upcoming Vita Monkey Ball game: the ability to roll your balls down the body of a Japanese supermodel.

As you can see, SEGA of Japan’s promoting the hell out of tits…erm, this, with model Yukie Kawamura starring in their commercials. Oh, and they show a little bit of the game too.

Whether this will sell copies of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz in Japan remains to be seen, but as far as the likelihood of Kawamura’s level and this type of promotion making its way to the West….probably not a snowball’s chance in hell.