Actor from Vanquish trailer reveals more information regarding game

Apparently a man known as Paul Wendling (pictured above) who worked on the CGI/Real Time trailer for Platinum’s new game Vanquish has given some interesting insight into the game.

Including information on the game play and the functions of the suite.
With out further ado, hit the jump to find out more!

“Ok all you folks,

Here is the scoop…….. and I think that I can help correct those inaccurate guesses….definitely it’s going through SEGA. The video you see is a teaser trailer. That is all you are going to get until the powers that be release more… hehe…. As you can see by my avatar. that’s me, Paul Wendling. I am also listed in the credits as the costume designer, but what you perhaps didn’t know is that for me it’s basically an Ironman situation come to real life. I designed the action suit, I personally built that suit, I then acted in that suit, I did all my own stunts in that suit. (3 days of filming) The undergarment is actually (according to the script) an augmented neuro controlled artificial musculature, similar to the robots in I Robot. Then the protective over armour is placed to help protect the main heart of where the strength comes from, namely the muscle undersuit. The main character, Sam, is a secret DARPA lab weapons designer, and when he hears about the destruction, takes it on himself to go out and use his development, and kick some Russian tech and grunt butts.

I can’t reveal more until I’m permitted, but if you have any questions about the suit construction, or filming, I’d be happy to oblige.

The trailer is a mix of live action and cgi, but everywhere you see Sam in or out of his suit, that is me doing the acting and stunts, all LIVE and REAL, with air cannons throwing debris, jump rigging, being blown away by explosions, etc. with cgi cleanup and augmentation of some elements like the last blast fling. All backgrounds were cgi of course, but the suit has some new twists, that NO other shooter character has, and you guys will go ape over some new moves….. think perhaps Metroid for a hint(but keeping to actual workable real life physics), and another hint… those curious items on the thighs…… let’s just say that you will have to have 3 hands on gameplay to really master the possibilities of unheard of before moves. Another hint, those big forearm bulges in the armor… hide some really cool things as well 🙂

As to the comments about the faceplate covering the mouth, not the eyes….. The blue plate is a nano barrier for breathing, the helmet actually totally opens and closes up in a segmented fashion (think the helmets from Lost in Space, or Stargate.) The vision is not through glass, but I’m looking at displays projected onto the eyes, which are fed from multiple sensors over the helmet.

I’ve got tons of pics from filming. The suit was hell to do all the stunts in, altogether weighed about 40 pounds, the gun weighed another 12 pounds. Aaannnnd when I’m released to be able to do so, I have all the molds….. anyone want a ridiculously expensive Video game hero suit for this upcoming halloween?

All the best,
Paul Wendling
Art Models and Props Inc”

There you have it! Some interesting infomation to whet your appetite. I can’t wait to find out more about the game and this mysterious suit!


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