Vanquish OXM preview scans

OK, they are not really scans, more like pictures. We lied, give us a break, scans sound better than saying “Vanquish OXM Preview pictures.”

“However, this has to be the most intense game we’ve seen since Gears of War 2.”

Am I the only one that thinks the Gears of War games are slow and not very well designed? Can’t go into the dark? Really?  The game is looking great, lets hope its nothing like Gears of War.

[Thanks NiGHTS]


One response to “Vanquish OXM preview scans

  1. Monkeroony says:

    The first gears game was great at the time, but yeah they aren't that well designed. Plus it takes too many shots to kill anything.

    I'm hoping this is more like lost planet.

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