New info on Shin Sakura Taisen with more character reveals and Great Combat Revue World War gameplay details

Famitsu has released another set on new information on Shin Sakura Taisen by introducing more supporting characters in the story and game play details on Great Combat Revue World War. The few
new characters introduced in Shin Sakura Taisen are President G, the secretary general of  “WLOF” and his flagship, Mister I, President G’s right hand man and the leader of the “WLOF” black clothing unit who performs intelligence activities; Sakura Amamiya’s parents, Hinata & Tekkan; Azami Mochizuki’s foster parent, Yattansai.

In addition to the game’s battle mode sections, the Great Combat Revue World War held by “WLOF” every two years pits you against other Combat Revue teams around the world in 3vs3 team battles with the objective to earn points by defeating foes which in turn fills out gauge at the top of the screen, & victory achieved by filling up the gauge or having more points if time limit reached.

Give Shin Sakura Taisen a try with the demo available for download in the Japanese PSN store on November 21, 2019. The full game will be released on December 12, 2019 for Playstation 4 in Japan and Spring 2020 in Americas and Europe. Special thanks to HDKirin for providing scans and details. Check out the Famitsu scans after the break.

Yakuza Zero screenshots and scans hit the internet


Scans and screenshots for Famitsu’s scope on the up and coming Yakuza Zero (Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero) have leaked and as expected both Kiryu and Majima have been given a much more youthful appearance. There’s not much more else to say but no doubt we should be hearing a bit more this coming Thursday, both the time when the latest Famitsu goes on general sale and the date Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio announced that they would be sharing more news on the project. With Tokyo Game Show around the corner, this title is SEGA’s second pre-TGS announcement following Hero Bank 2 and it promises that this will be just as busy as the last one.

Thanks to 真鵜雄 of our forums for the tip! Hit the break for higher quality pictures;

Famitsu Scans Reveal Chemical Plant and Stardust Speedway for Generations

The recently released issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu spills the beans on two hotly anticipated classic Sonic zones making their return: Sonic 2’s Chemical Plant and Sonic CD’s Stardust Speedway. The first is a full blown classic and modern stage, featuring the iconic yellow and blue paths and copper colored factories of Chemical Plant. Stardust Speedway will be the location for Sonic’s race, and possible battle, with the recently revealed rival Metal Sonic. The magazine also shows what appear to be the 3DS special stages, taken from Sonic Heroes.

After the break, drool over the scans!

Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: SEGA Visions introduces us to Sonic 20 years ago

Oh snap, is this magazine already 20 years old? SEGA Visions magazine was the first official magazine of SEGA of America. It was launched to compete against Nintendo Power. It was actually free for a year if you owned a SEGA console. Not bad, not bad at all.

In this issue we will be looking at SEGA of America talking a bit about their new hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s so odd reading their description of what Sonic is like, since we have known him for 20 years.

The other scans show SEGA’s Game Gear US launch and profiles of people that used to work at SEGA… 20 years ago. Interesting indeed.

Shinobi 3DS scans from latest Nintendo Power

The other game revealed in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, SEGA’s Shinobi, seems to be a 2.5D adventure with what seems to be a completely redesigned Joe Musashi, although mentioned in the article itself is that SEGA refused to give him a name so it still could be a new character. Either way, it’s obvious that the design is very much inspired from Joe’s Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master outfit. One final thing mentioned is that the game seems set for a September release date according to the article. Read on to see the full scan.

SEGA’s Alan Pritchard “Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on”, 3DS News, Other Stuff…

Alan Pritchard, SEGA West’s VP of marketing and Sales, had a interview with Game Informer in the latest issue. One of the questions asked was if Aliens: Colonial Marines was still coming out. The short answer? Yes.

“Colonial Marines . We’ve been working closely with Gearbox behind the scenes, and we’ll be able to tell

Pritchard also discussed SEGA’s plans for the 3DS over the next financial and calendar year. In addition to confirming Super Monkey Ball as a 3DS launch title, he discussed plans for old and original IPs:

“We have a number of 3DS titles in our line-up for next financial and calendar year. There’s four or five existing franchises, one or two from the old Sega IP locker, and we’re looking at one or two new IPs as well.

It should be noted that in the same interview, Pritchard also mentioned that at least three Sonic titles will be revealed next year. Perhaps Sonic will be one of those existing IPs.

You can read the rest of the interview from the scans below. Its actually a good interview and he is pretty honest.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 is a PSP game [first scans]

It seems that the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 3 is real and its coming to PSP. The game appears in the latest issue of Famitsu, under the PSP section.

We are unable to get scans of the feature, since NeoGAF forbids scans of actual magazine content (table of contents is OK). We should be learning more about the game come TGS.

[Source: NeoGAF]

[update] Scans and first info, hit the jump to view it.

Phantasy Portable 2: Infinity scans and info

Just like I predicted before, Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity is going to be an updated version of Phantasy Star Portable 2. The new game will have a extended story that will introduce a new character named Nagisa. She is part of the new race called Dyunmans, the game’s fifth selectable race.

Every race is going to be getting new outfits in the upcoming expansion. SEGA is also introducing the character reincarnation system, it will let players reset their character’s level and build up other stats. The game will also feature ‘Infinity Mode’, a harder difficultly settling.

Infinity will also have a visual lobby, cell phone style text input system, screenshot utility, and a tag mode mission code sharing thing. It says that there will be about 1.5x more content than Phantasy Star Portable 2. Damn, just bring this west and cancel PSP2!

More scans after the jump!

Sonic Colours first scans!

And it’s looking pretty damn good… Of course cautious optimism is advised but I can safely say I don’t hate anything about what I’m seeing so far and it actually looks quite good in all departments. What is going on?

As you can see they’re not that well taken and bloody tiny to boot! But you get the picture… A blend of 2D and 3D gameplay, crazy level designs, the sonic unleashed model for the Wii game, DS one looks like Sonic Rush… I think you can even see some of the ‘wisp’ side effects in there.

At no point did Sega suggest they were trying to ‘go back to the roots’. This is a Sonic game of its own, much like the Story Book games and Sonic Rush. So lets not start screaming and shouting because Sonic has green eyes and a boost gage. too be honest I like the Sonic Unleashed Character model AND I like Sonic Rush.

New Vanquish Scans

More scans for the up coming Sega/Platinum 3rd person shooter Vanquish. Naoya Tsurumi recently spoke openly about Vanquish saying that Sega will be giving it a big push this year. This already suggests great faith in a quality game.

Scans and Summery below.

Vanquish OXM preview scans

OK, they are not really scans, more like pictures. We lied, give us a break, scans sound better than saying “Vanquish OXM Preview pictures.”

“However, this has to be the most intense game we’ve seen since Gears of War 2.”

Am I the only one that thinks the Gears of War games are slow and not very well designed? Can’t go into the dark? Really?  The game is looking great, lets hope its nothing like Gears of War.

[Thanks NiGHTS]

Vanquish coming to PS3 and Xbox 360

The Famitsu magazine (same one that showed the new Project Diva game) also has an interview with Shinji Mikami, director of Vanquish. He confirms that the game will be out by Winter 2010 (at least in Japan) and that it is not a ‘normal’ shooter. You won’t be shooting humans, only robots.

One thing I do see in the magazine though, is that it is a multi-platform game, not an exclusive as rumored before. Maybe this PS3 port will be better than Bayonetta? I hope so. Also screens make it look like a fast paced 3rd person shooter.

[Source: Allgamesbeta]

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd announced

After debuting on the PSP and ranking sale numbers, SEGA took their Project Diva to the arcades; but now it returns back to the PSP. Shown in this months Famitsu (scans above) is Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd.

Oh man, I know you are all excited for this one!

[Source: Allgamesbeta]