Little Big Sonic: Sonic LBP pack detailed

Remember awhile back it was leaked that Sonic and his friends would make an appearance in Little Big Planet? Then it turned into nothing? Well its back, now Media Mocule has officially confirmed and detailed it.  This is what you get in the pack:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Sneakers, Nose, Gloves, Headdress, Spines, Skin
  • Knuckles: Sneakers, Nose, Gloves, Headdress, Tail, Skin
  • Tails: Sneakers, Nose, Gloves, Headdress, Tails, Skin
  • Dr. Eggman: Goggles, Nose and Spectacles, Costume, Moustache, Skin, Dr. Eggman’s Egg Mobile
  • Werehog: Sneakers, Costume, Nose, Gloves, Headdress, Spines, Skin
  • Stickers: A set of classic Sonic the Hedgehog themed stickers

The stickers you get, some of the artwork for the characters can be found in the images below. The pack will cost US $5.99 (£4.79 / €5.99 / AUS $ 9.95 / NZD $11.50). Will be out Thursday, March 25th.

To see artwork and the classic themed stickers, hit the jump.

[Source: LittleBigPlanet]


6 responses to “Little Big Sonic: Sonic LBP pack detailed

  1. upsidedown fuji says:

    That is effin creepy. It's like the sackboys captured Sonic and friends and proceeded to skin them alive and wear their carcasses. Gross.

    It's nice they're an addition, but still it just looks weird, especially with those lifeless slack jawed expressions and beady black eyes they have.

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    Only Robotnik looks fine, the rest look terrible… I wish SEGA would not allow this.

    I like the stickers a though!

  3. T-T-T-T-TAILS DOLL!!! 😯 👿

  4. Mengels7 says:

    I like em. I think they're cute. *runs*

  5. Robbie Rimes says:

    Nice to see that they includes only classic characters (Werehog is an instant classic).

  6. crackdude says:

    With these stickers some lunatic will recreate fully the first level of Sonic 4 before it comes out for sure.

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