This week in gaming: The Witch returns

This is something I always wanted to do on a Sunday, this will be a weekly feature where I post links to stories in gaming for the week that I liked or seen around. This means it won’t be SEGA related, most likely.

  • – The Witcher 2 debut trailer – The surprise may have been killed off due to alpha footage being leaked, the debut trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is still very impressive. Developers have stated this is more  ‘non-linear’ compared to the first game; can’t wait!
  • No Penny Arcade Episode 3Even though I can’t walk around here all high and mighty, condemning you all for not buying the first 2 episodes; because I have not played them. But it is a bit sad seeing another episodic series fail.
  • Xbox Game Room launches – Microsoft’s Xbox Game Room has launched, a bit rough at first but seems to be running fine for me. Problem is there is not much stuff to do. Fan reaction has been mixed.
  • Biggest winners and losers for March – Can you believe that SEGA made it in at number 2? Go SEGA. Check out the other 5 winners.

So what stories did you guys read this week that you guys liked?


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