Surprise! Conduit 2 announced

[Screenshot for the first game, not part 2]

Who would have thought it? Before you start to cry, yes its confirmed that SEGA will be publishing the title and it will be a Wii exclusive. No release date yet. For more info hit the jump.
– Set in Atlantis
– Other locations include Siberia, Agartha, Washington D.C.
– Team is focusing on art/story
– New gameplay types for online
– Bounty Hunter mode returning
– Different character classes, each has unique attributes
– Can unlock suit upgrades (ex: robotic legs that let you sprint farther)
– WiiSpeak support
– High Voltage, for now, has decided “to have one primary suit slot and two secondary slots where you can equip upgrades, but that may change in the final game.”
– Will be able to change character’s appearance
– 2-4 player splitscreen option for all competitive
– Co-op Invasion mode: Up to 4 players (online or local), has unique challenges
– New weapons: Vortex Cannon and Phase Rifle
– Vortex Cannon: Sends bullets back at enemies with a more powerful force
– Phase Rifle: Shoot through walls
– Old weapons will be returning
– Some old weapons are seeing a facelift
– About 7 new weapons
– Big boss battles
– ASE also returning
– ASE used for more things other than puzzles (can do a lot of scanning, which is recorded)
– Can use TPC ammo as mines
– SEGA publishing again
– No release date

[Source: Nintendo Everything]


5 responses to “Surprise! Conduit 2 announced

  1. MadeManG74 says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-440">

    Waffle: Boo !  

    Haters gonna hate.

    Conduit was cool, and the sequel sounds like it could be awesome.

  2. crackdude says:

    yay! more Internet rage for the coming months!

  3. Orta says:

    Not even worth stealing.

  4. Sharky says:

    While I have very little interest in this, it's good news for Sega.

  5. Monkeroony says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-446">

    Sharky: While I have very little interest in this, it’s good news for Sega.  

    Is it?

    I thought that the first game sold quite poorly.

    Plus it sucked, I couldn't even finish it as I found it so repetitive; it also didn't help that the multiplayer was full of hackers.

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