SEGA Talk #109: Conduit 2 (2011)

We dive back into the conspiracy world of The Conduit, with High Voltage Studio’s sequel Conduit 2. We dive deep into the conspiracies that shaped the game, the changes made and look at the bizarre cliff hanger for the sequel.

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The SEGA Five: SEGA published games that deserve more attention

If you discuss Streets of Rage, Super Monkey Ball, or even anything Sonic, chances are you can hear that 90’s jingle of retro goodness (SEGAAAAAAAAAAA!). The company helped create some wonderful games and franchises and are still going strong to this day. That being said, most of the games published by SEGA are sometimes often forgot about and usually sit on store shelves to collect dust and/or be pauper’s pennies.

While I haven’t played every single game SEGA has helped publish, some of those games stick out to me in a very unique and interesting way. And SEGA, being the quirky company they are, brought me wonderful memories and breathes a one-of-a-kind charm to those certain games. So in no particular order (with the first one being my favorite out of the five), here are some games that rightfully deserve more attention than they get!

Conduit 2 will support Wii Motion Plus

In a press release earlier today, SEGA has announced that Conduit 2 will be supporting the Wii’s Motion Plus peripheral to allow for unmatched accuracy and responsiveness.

In their press release, SEGA has stated:

The Conduit series is famed for its detailed control system allowing players to customise and configure their controls, including look sensitivity, turning speed, the dead zone and much more. Conduit 2 will use Wii MotionPlus to create the most responsive control system ever, as well as improved edge tracking and transitions to pointer control.

Unlike Red Steel 2, Wii Motion Plus will not be required to play the game, but will instead be optional. Conduit 2 will be playable at this year’s E3.

Tournament of Legends, Bast vs Volcanus

A new trailer for Sega and High Voltage Software’s fighter, Tournament of Legends.

This trailer highlights the fighters Bast, (probably better known as Bastet) the Egyptian goddess of the sun. Depicted as a human woman with the head of a cat. The other character Volcanus seems to be a guy in a wheel chair controlling a giant mechanical statue.

As for the game itself, I can’t say I’m impressed. The camera angle is jarring for a fighter and I can’t imagine all those waggle prompts on screen leaves much room for depth. Lets hope The Conduit 2 can impress.

Tournament of Legends Combat Trailer

A new game play trailer for High Voltage Software developed Tournament of Legends.

The game looks a bit like a poor mans Soul Caliber and doesn’t really inspire me.

I feel Sega should have stuck with publishing the Conduit games only. While the Conduit was nothing to write home about, it wasn’t a bad Wii game and sold well enough to be profitable for Sega.