SegaBits April Fools roundup

Another April Fools has come and gone, another day of ‘omg Dreamcast 2’ and lets not forget the classic ‘Shenmue 3 announced!’ topics filling up every videogame forum. Oh joy!

But amongst the endless drivel there are a few pretty good ‘pranks’ Join me as I list some of my favorites of 2010!

Virtua Fighter 5 with a difference!

Starting with what I think is the best of the lot, Sega Japan released their newest trailer for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown this April 1st… But something looks a bit off! Looks like AM2 have been influenced by a certain 2d fighter!

(Note: While I wouldn’t want VF to be anything like this it does make me wish AM2 would give a less realistic fighter a shot because this looks awesome!)

Ecco:Water Wars 2!

This was an April fools ‘prank’ by Sega of America’s community team announcing the game ‘Ecco:Water Wars 2’ where our old pal Ecco returns armed to the teeth with all manor of weaponry. Apparently there was an ‘Ecco:Water Wars 1’… Or maybe there wasn’t, Who knows.

Today is a big day for us here at SEGA of America – and for aquatic wildlife across the world. Today we announce something that many of us have been waiting patiently for, our eager fins and flippers anxious. Today, we make it official – it’s time to reveal the North American-only exclusive sequel to one of the best-selling SEGA games ever not created: ECCO: WATER WARS 2!

You can reads the rest HERE!

Bayonetta – Angel Land

This is another great one! From the great minds at Platinum Games comes the spoof 8-bit spin off of Bayonetta. ‘Bayonetta – Angle Land’ this is another one I wish was real… I’ve always been a fan of the Wonderboy games and this looks right up my streets.

Sega of America forum design looks like unicorn vomit.

Not really sure what to call this, don’t think it could be considered a ‘prank’ but Sega of America changed their forum back ground to some ugly multicoloured hard to read crap.

Here is a picture:

And finally, Segabits partnership with Square-Enix fansite ‘Square-Enix bits’ ended in a messy break up today due to a conflict of interest. What can I say? They were all a bunch of high sock, sandles and short shorts wearing, neck beard sporting nerdy weeaboos and teenage girls. Plus purple just wasn’t working for us.


4 responses to “SegaBits April Fools roundup

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    Not sure how the forums being multicolored is supposed to be a prank, or funny.

    That Bayonetta game looked pretty neat though, hope the possitive buzz on it forces them to make it. 😛

  2. STORM! says:

    You are missing the brand new game from Square-Enix and Sega, the 2D fighting game crossing the characters from Sangokushi Taisen and Lord of Vermilion.

  3. Sharky says:

    To be honest Storm! I don't know much about that one… I can't read the Japanese site!

  4. STORM! says:

    Well, there is also the big project "Valkyria Chronicles THE MOVIE" announced by Sega on the Valkyria's official blog ;p

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