Project Neptune = Segagaga spiritual successor?

[More of this please!]

Compile Heart’s new project is codenamed “Neptune”, which has a teaser on their site and one of those fancy countdown clocks we all learn to loath. Famitsu though, has revealed the full title of the game to be “Choujigen Game Neptune.”

Nothing out of the ordinary or to resemble Segagaga, but the game is an RPG, set in the virtual world of “Game Gyoukai”, which is Japanese for “Game Industry.” The main characters name is Neptune who must stop the evil plot of Goddess Magicon.

Yes, Neptune is based on the name for the SEGA console and SEGA is publishing the game (or handling the sales side of it, according to AndriaSang). Double whammy! It is also confirmed that the game will have cameos by SEGA characters, just like Segagaga. The game will also have mock characters for well known publishers like Capcom and Nippon Ichi.

Oddest part of the whole thing? It is a PS3 exclusive, seems like we have been corrupted by DOGMA! (Segagaga reference)

[Thanks: via Andriasang]


2 responses to “Project Neptune = Segagaga spiritual successor?

  1. Probably never making it to the US, but sounds cool! I have yet to complete Segagaga, but I passed chapter 1 with zero understanding of Japanese so at least I got somewhere with it. 😎

  2. TimmiT says:

    I doubt this will ever come to Europe or US, but this sounds cool.

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