Yakuza of the End zombie types detailed

[Sexy zombie researcher? Check]

You can’t just have a game with zombies, that doesn’t work. You have to have classes of zombies, every game has to have a variety of these brain munchers and Yakuza of the End is no different. Famitsu this week introduced a few of the classes you can expect in the full game.

  • Yakuza type: These are those annoying people that challenged you to fights in former games at random, now sharp dressed zombies. They aren’t very strong.
  • Nakionna Type: “Nakionna” is those women you see crying at funerals. Them, as zombies, will scream for back up. Take ’em out!
  • Homeless Zombie: Homeless people are zombies too, you know? Even though they are zombies, they act the same… however homeless people act.

If you haven’t seen the other pictures, that lady in white is Reiko Hasegawa, a sexy zombie researcher. She will keep you informed on all your zombie craving news.

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