Gamer reclaims Space Harrier high score

Nick Hutt from Sutton, UK has taken back the high score for Space Harrier and has been verified by Twin Galaxies website. Really, I did not know the place existed, but then again I never tried to beat high scores myself. Score was submitted by Mr. Hutt on April 30th.

What was his score? 39,495,060. That is  quite a bit and enough to put him on the top once again. His top score was taken down last year by another UK gamer called Philip Campbell with 38,530,220. This puts him in second place.

Apprantly UK gamers have held the high score for Space Harrier since August 1985, when Matthew Preece set the record and his score (31,900,730) lasted all the way till 2005, when Hutt topped it.

[Via Examiner]


4 responses to “Gamer reclaims Space Harrier high score

  1. Centrale says:

    Oh, you should check out the documentary "King of Kong" if you haven't heard of Twin Galaxies. It kind of gives a somewhat unfavorable impression of that organization but it's an interesting look at an ongoing battle for a high score, in this case for Donkey Kong.

  2. Sharky says:

    What can I say, were good at Space Harrier…

  3. Mengels7 says:

    Well we can't have some brit having the high score. I'll have to take care of that someday.

  4. Is it true in England the game is called 'Carry On Space 'Arrier'?

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