Virtual-On Force screens and website

So SEGA’s countdown has come to a close, reveals the game is Virtual-On Force; then it takes you to the official site. As I expected, the countdown clock finished at four, not one. This has to do with their message about how its not what we expect.

The site opens up with a blog post by Watari, that says Virtual-On Force will be released on disc, not XBLA. The reason for this is because 2010 is the 15 year anniversary of the first Virtual-On game, they wanted to release something that the fans can keep forever. He also said SEGA is looking into releasing a ‘limited edition’ version of the game.

Also, Xbox’s marketing team, “Xbox 360 Special Force Division”, celebrates another success with the announcement of the game. You can view that here.

[Source: AndriaSang]


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