Virtual On Force limited edition detailed

The main reason that Virtual On Force became a retail title and not a downloadable, according to SEGA, was to make a limited edition to honor Virtual On’s 15th year anniversary.

The Limited Edition will be called the “Virtual On Force Memorial Box 15”. It will come with a soundtrack CD that spans six discs and 218 tracks. It also comes with a booklet that has 140 pages, this includes arcade and console product images, promotional art, pre-design images for mechs, past interviews with Jurou Wataru (series producer) and Hajime Katoki (mechanical designer).

That is not all, SEGA is also packing two Tangram-themed super balls into the package. The boxart for the limited edition is also diffrent, being done by Hajime Kotaki. The limited edition isn’t cheap, costing at ¥12,900 (about $156 USD).

[Source: AndriaSang]


2 responses to “Virtual On Force limited edition detailed

  1. Damn! If this is what VO gets for it's 15th, I can't even imagine what Sonic will get for his 20th!

    Do want this, but no way will it come stateside.

  2. If it was on PS3 then we could import it.

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