SEGA working on ‘hardcore’ Kinect games

Mike Hayes believes that we will be seeing hardcore titles for Kinect next year, saying its impossible to make a game for the hardcore in a year.

“My guess is when we’re at E3 next year, more of the features of Kinect will be in use by developers. I think you’ll find more clever and sophisticated applications then. It is a reasonably complicated piece of kit, therefore it’s going to take us longer to use all of those aspects in a game. We’re not going to be able to develop something [for the hardcore] in under a year, which is frankly what we’ve had.” –  Mike Hayes

SEGA said they are not going to copy Wii games  when it comes to making new Kinect games. The team making this ‘hardcore’ Kinect title? Members from SEGA Racing studio that still work at SEGA. When can we expect the title? Late 2011, early 2012. That is a long wait…

[Source: CVG]


One response to “SEGA working on ‘hardcore’ Kinect games

  1. fernandeath says:

    Only childish games are going to be profitable for Sega's business. Hardcore games for the Kinect, unfortunatelly, will probably sell as much units as 'Madworld' or 'The conduit' for wii.

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