Mike Hayes Talks On Re-Inventing Sega’s Popular IP’s

As much as love new IP’s like Bayonetta, it’s nice to see some if the more classic IP’s make a return. Sega president Mike Hayes talked with VG24/7 about some of their popular IP’s and how they go about deciding which one’s to go back to.

We carefully look at each IP and every month, we review the locker of IP and think, ‘how could we release those and if so, what are we going to? Will it be a big game, digital, free-to-play?’ We constantly look at it. What I can say is that you will continue to see a reinvention of classic Sega IP coming to various platforms over the next three-five years.


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SEGA has two games coming for Vita’s launch

Mike Hayes has confirmed that SEGA is planning on having 2 titles ready to release at Playstation Vita’s launch. One of the games is obviously the Virtua Tennis 4 port.

“On Vita, we can came out pretty early on and said we were going to give support to the hardware.

And we will have at least two titles at the launch of Vita. When exactly that’s going to be of course, we don’t know, but we’re assuming it’s going to be by the end of the Sony financial year, we guess, so we’ve got that.” – Mike Hayes, CEO of SEGA West

I would think it might be another port. I would not mind Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the West with trophies.

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Mike Hayes: Sonic 4 Episode 1 Sold Over 1 Million, Episode 2 Info Coming Soon

From vg247.com comes information from SEGA CEO Mike Hayes concerning Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Remember that game? Regarding information on Episode 2:

Information on Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will arrive “very soon,” Sega West CEO Mike Hayes has told VG247. Hayes couldn’t comment further when asked how far out “soon” was, adding that we should “look out for that one.”

My guess is once Sonic Generations arrives, after November 1st, or perhaps on September 9th? Remember, that was when the first Sonic 4 episode was announced as “Project Needlemouse”. Speaking of the first episode, Hayes shares a great bit of news for SEGA fans who like it when the company makes big money:

“It did very well and it continues to do well,” Hayes told us in a phone interview this afternoon.

“Particularly when it gets a little shot in the arm with some promotion or some price activity, sales are quite phenomenal. Its downloaded clearly over a million units, so its sold particularly well and continues to sell.”

Over a million is pretty impressive, though I have to wonder how many “copies” the game sold when it initially launched before the first sales began. Regardless, Sonic 4 Episode 1 looks like quite a financial success. Here’s hoping Episode 2 fixes the problems found in the first episode and sells another million and more!

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Mike Hayes hints at HD Sonic on Wii U?

GoNintendo’s compiled a list of recent quotes from various publishers regarding the Wii U, and Sega West president Mike Hayes is one of several to offer an optimistic view of the system, and interestingly enough, he even makes a passing reference to “HD Sonic.”

“At some point we were the biggest, certainly top three third-party publisher on Wii, so for us it was a great platform… we’ve got absolutely no qualms about [Wii U]. I just think we’re all a bit premature in being a bit glass half full on 3DS. Everyone was clamouring ‘oh please bring it out in March, you must bring it out’ and then it’s like you get to June and it’s all ‘sales aren’t very good…’ Well, they haven’t got the software yet. That controller is absolutely brilliant and we have to think of innovative ways to use it. We’re doing high definition Sonics, we’re doing obviously Aliens: Colonial Marines, so you can bring them across, and that’s relatively low cost, which is good news. Then you spend your money on how do you use that controller effectively to make it unique and differentiate it.”

Hard to say whether he’s simply referring to a port of Sonic Generations, another HD Sonic game entirely, or maybe even Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. It’s also unclear if he’s simply being theoretical or whether actual plans are in the works to bring any of these titles to Wii U. I wouldn’t get too excited yet simply due to the vague nature of the statement, but coming from Mike Hayes, I’d say it’s from a rather credible source.

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Mike Hayes – Aliens: Colonial Marines to be top quality product

SEGA have been on the ropes with the development of Colonial Marines. Everyone thought it was a dead project but it is back. But will it be a shitty cash-in like other SEGA license games or a good product? Mike Hayes reassures you that they are trying to deliver a top quality product.

“As a general point, when you have a great licence, the amount you need to spend on marketing is significantly less. So the two balance each other out. But that’s independent of how much money you invest in the game, because we know how well tie-in licence games have gone recently, we have to create a game that stands on its own two feet. This is a quality-first approach.” – Mike Hayes, President of SEGA West

Another concerning factor is that Gear Box Software’s newest game, Duke Nukem Forever isn’t doing that great with the critics and seems to have disappointed fans that have waited 10+ years for the release of the game.


Mike Hayes: Sonic 4 Episode 2 will be “excellent”

Though it’s been said before, it never hurts to hear it again. SEGA of America and Europe president Mike Hayes has recently said that the company has heard the voices of fans who were disappointed with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, and that he believes Episode 2 will take these opinions into account and be “excellent.”

“I know there were some quality issues that we had there that we’ve taken on board and there will be further episodes following up on that. I think the next one’s excellent. I think that’s going to overcome some of the issues that we had on the first one.”

Nothing about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 was present at either E3 or Sonic Boom; Probably SEGA’s hoping to keep everyone’s attention this year on Sonic Generations. If Episode 2 controls similarly to Sonic Generations’ classic Sonic stages, I’m sure (rational) fans will be much happier with it than they were with Episode 1.

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Mike Hayes – We’re not deaf to Shenmue demands

Sega West big boss man Mike Hayes has been talking Shenmue again, in an interview with CVG he said while Sega has “no plans at the moment” for a new Shenmue on consoles, he encouraged Shenmue devotees not to lose hope, insisting that the publisher is taking demand for a new iteration “very seriously indeed“.

Hopefully, we’ve shown that we’re listening to [those that love old Sega IP] because we have pretty much reduxed or reinvented all of it in one way or another,” he told CVG.

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SEGA: No plans for a full SEGA Rally brand revival

With SEGA announcing SEGA Rally Online Arcade for Xbox Live and PSN, the he question from fans has been; is SEGA trying to revive the brand and release a new console version of the game like 2007’s SEGA Rally Revo?

“Sega constantly wrestles with what existing IP we should try and reignite. We did a pretty good job with Sega Rally back in 2007, but it came out at a time when the consumer was moving away from driving games in general. There’s a bit of a resurgence in those games – I’ve got to say Codemasters did a brilliant job with F1 2010, it was first-class – and therefore, is it a viable market? We’re constantly looking at it.”

“Have we got any plans for Sega Rally on any platform at the moment? The answer is no. But we constantly review those IPs to see if we can reinvent them. A lot of it is dependent on what those platforms can do. And of course the cost of development.” – Mike Hayes, SEGA West CEO

It is too bad to see, but at least we are getting a digital title for now. One of the complaints for SEGA Rally Revo was that it didn’t have enough content for most racing fans, so maybe releasing the franchise as a XBLA/PSN title is a smarter choice.

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2011 – An industry’s hopes

MVCUK have quizzed a number of top industry people based in the UK regarding what they are most looking forward too in 2011, on that list is everyone’s favourite western Sega CEO in god knows how long Mike Hayes and Sports Interactive head honcho Miles Jacobson. Let’s see what they are looking forward to in 2011.

Miles Jacobson – Studio Director, Sports Interactive
“Having been lucky to try out a beta version, I’m most looking forward to the new Virtua Tennis release, with a Move and a 3D TV. I’m really looking forward to March’s Nordoff Robbins Football Extravaganza dinner which is sponsored by Tesco – it’s always a great night and raised over £350k last year.

Mike Hayes – CEO, Sega Europe and Sega America
“I want 2011 to be a great year for a little blue hedgehog – as Sonic is 20 years old in June.”

If Miles is looking forward to Virtua Tennis 4, which is being developed in-house at Sega Japan for the first time since PowerSmash 3 (Arcade) then I think that’s a good sign!

As for Mike Hayes; well shit man, so do we… So do we!

You can read the others HERE.

Mike Hayes: “Never say never” to Shenmue 3

SEGA loves teasing our poor little hearts regarding Shenmue releases. But things are turning positive, Shenmue franchise turned from a dead franchise to one with new releases. It started this year with Ryo appearing in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and now the newly announced Shenmue City. But what about Shenmue 3?

“While at present we have no plans for the franchise [on next-gen consoles], the response to CVG’s question has certainly shown the Shenmue legacy ignites a lot of passion among fans. Never say never…” Mike Hayes

I really hope he didn’t mean that he doesn’t have plans for the franchise to return next generation, because that would just piss me off. I think the Shenmue fans have been waiting long enough for their game, now deliver. YS NET is open, get them some good programmers and get this thing cracking.

[Source: CVG]

New Sonic Strategy and My Comments

‘Sega doesn’t want to make any more bad Sonic games.’
-Mike Hayes

I like Mike Hayes, he’s a pretty level headed guy and knows all the right words to make my tum-tum all fuzzy.

Recently he has been saying some more happy words. When talking to IGN Mike Hayes spilled the beans on Sega’s new strategy with the Sonic brand.

Hit the jump to find out what he had to say and more importantly, what I had to say… About what he had to say.

Hayes says early Vanquish sales are encouraging

We already know how Vanquish did on its first day in Japan, but what about the America? Mike Hayes seems pretty positive.

“It’s been in the marketplace for two days, we’ve seen the day one numbers and we’re reasonably encouraged, but I think we need to see the rest of week one and probably week two just to see how it’s going to play out

“The challenge is that it’s a new franchise and that it’s releasing head-to-head with a lot of established franchises in the busiest time of the year.” – Mike Hayes CEO SEGA West

Vanquish came out on October 19th in North America, comes out tomorrow in Europe. Also, IGN gave us a shout out on this article, check the source link.

[Source: IGN]

SEGA to announce two more “big” games

SEGA West superimo Mike Hayes has recently revealed to CVG that the publisher is planning to announce two more “big” games by the end of the year, aimed directly at the core base of the 360 and Playstation 3 userbase, talking to CVG, Hayes commented;

“Then we’ve got two other big games that we’ll be announcing this year for 2011 and 2012. So we’re not going to be overly aggressive – but we’re going to try to have one or two games each year in that segment.”

Whether these titles happen to be developed in house either by SEGA West or one of SEGA’s Japanese teams, or an outsourced project. One thing was clear though in that Hayes was regarded the major titles to be aimed towards the core market for the HD consoles in much the same way Vanquish is. For the quote from the interview, see the link below.

[Source: CVG]

No Alpha Protocol sequel due to low sales

Even though Alpha Protocol wasn’t the best Western RPG, I thought it could have really improved for the sequel and deliver an amazing experience. SEGA’s Mike Hayes has decided that we won’t get a sequel due to the low sales of the first game. Which makes sense.

“Let’s speak very commercially; the game hasn’t sold what we’ve expected, therefore we won’t be doing a sequel. The concept was brilliant, though,You know this whole thing with Metacritic where you have to be in the high 70s to mid-80s minimum [to have any success] – well, with RPGs you have got to be in the late 80s. Whilst we had a good game, I don’t think we had a game that had enough to get us to that upper echelon and I think that was the issue. Whilst we had a good game, I don’t think we had a game that had enough to get us to that upper echelon and I think that was the issue.”  – Mike Hayes, President of SEGA West

I hope this does not stop SEGA from doing another Western RPG in the near future. Though, I have to admit that Obsidian dropped the ball on this one. How can a game be delayed for 2 years and it still play like it wasn’t complete, yet out of the blue they announce that they are doing a Fallout game and its coming out in a few months? Makes you think where their priorities where.

[Source: CVG]

Mike Hayes on Sega Wests OnLive plans

In an interview published today over at GamesIndustry.biz, Mike Hayes was questioned about On Live and how it would fit into Sega’s strategy.

According to Hayes, Sega West currently have three titles in the works for OnLive although all are ports of existing games. Alpha Protocol, Sega & Sonic All-Star Racing and an unspecified Virtua Tennis title were the games mentioned.

“We’ve got three titles with OnLive – Virtua Tennis, Alpha Protocol and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. Those would be managed out of the USA as part of the digital business. If we were starting from scratch we’d run it all out of the US but the heritage of electronics sales just happens to be in Europe, and it doesn’t make sense to move it across.”

I think this is a good way to start… I honestly don’t see this technology going anywhere fast and Sega would be silly to make games specifically for OnLive. Personally I was expecting Aliens vs. Predator and Napoleon: Total War to be among the first on the service, they seem like games that could benefit from OnLive more so than something like Sega All-Star Racing.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with OnLive it is a device that essentially lets you stream games from another computer to your own so there is no need for you to have a top of the line PC and you can still play games with high end graphics… Although many are skeptical about the delay in button commands when streaming a game, you also need a constant internet connection.

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