How much does SEGA-Sammy CEO make?

Every SEGA fan always dreamed of the day that they could control SEGA and make Shenmue 3. Of course, they never thought about the type of money they would be making in the process. SEGA-Sammy’s CEO, Osamu Satomi makes ¥435 million (about $4.90 million) a year. Wow.

To put it into prospective Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, only gets ¥115 million. So what good is the car business? They don’t make Shenmue! How much did Nintendo pay Satoru Iwata this year? ¥187 million.

Where are those damn applications…

[Source: AndriaSang]


7 responses to “How much does SEGA-Sammy CEO make?

  1. Sharky says:

    Sounds like Sega-Sammy is wasteing money to me…

  2. Emmett The Crab says:

    "We get played…?"

  3. George says:

    Play on words. Actually it was a mistake, re-doing image.

  4. Emmett The Crab says:

    Did you mean "paid"?

  5. cube_b3 says:

    Pathetic, they keep the money which is supposed to be invested on games.

    Sega posts losses almost every year while the CEO's continue to make money, BULL SHIT.

  6. fernandeath says:

    Yeah, Sega-Sammy CEo gets well-paid. But the only man who can change this fact is the CEO himself. The question is: Would he want to change his wages/payment? I don't think so…

  7. Aki-at says:

    I think you guys are overlooking the fact that Satomi, before the merger, practically had close to a 100% of shares in Sammy, it is the company he himself started up, he didn't inherit Sammy, so at the end of the day, he will get paid the most.

    His wealth has shrunk though thanks to SEGA Sammy's losses though, he use to be a billionaire, now his wealth has hit somewhere around the $500 million mark.

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