Breaking down and explaining the SEGA Sammy Q3 2013 results

Numbers nerds rejoice, SEGA has released their 3rd quarter earnings for 2013! Of course, to the average SEGA fan, it’s a lot to take in and a bit difficult to work out the positives and negatives. Thankfully, the SEGAbits community has members who know their stuff. So a big thanks to Aki-at for sharing the news and making sense of the many PDFs. Overall net profits currently stand at ¥3 billion (£20,433,810/$32,003,400), this is from an original ¥7 billion which dropped to ¥3 billion due to costs. SEGA arcade sales operating profits were ¥2,6 billion (£17,742,998/$27,993,160) while the consumer division profited ¥519 million (£3,541,775.37/$5,587,865.40) and arcade centers profited ¥984 million (£6,715,042.32/$10,594,334.40).

Sammy, meanwhile, recorded ¥7.7 billion operating profits (£52,512,691/$82,168,240), a decrease from last year’s ¥71 billion (£483,600,170/$757,413,800). It is important to note, however, that the arcade division had no new major titles being sold and that some pachislot machines were delayed. A Fist of the Northstar pachislot machine was forecasted to sell over 200,000 units. As such, numbers were adjusted to account for this changing the net income projection down from  ¥40 billion to ¥12 billion.

Next up are a break down of arcade and game sales, again a big thanks to Aki-at for the details:

Arcade games:
WORLD CLUB Champion Football Series – ¥2.8 billion
SENGOKU-TAISEN Trading Card Game – ¥1.9 billion
StarHorse3 Season I A NEW LEGEND BEGINS – ¥1.6 billion

Home console and computer games:
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed – 930,000 units
Football Manager 2013 – 730,000 units (Fastest selling title in series history)
Yakuza 5 – 580,000 units
Football Manager 2013 iOS – Over 500,000 units sold
Dragon Coins iOS – Over 500,000 downloads
Phantasy Star Online 2 – Over 1.7 million registered users

Fans of packaged titles can pump their fists into the air, as packaged games are SEGA’s strongest business in the consumer division. Packaged titles generated ¥26.3 billion (£179,477,249/$283,161,580) vs digital games ¥20.5 billion (£139,896,715/$220,715,300). While digital wasn’t as high as SEGA would have hoped, it is important to note that SEGA does have the recently released Kingdom Conquest 2 and The Cave, as well as Demon Tribe on the horizon.

Aki-at has noted that while Sammy has been hurt by the delay of their major titles, Q1 for 2014 should be extremely strong for that side of the business. SEGA, meanwhile, has done quite well with none of their games failing. Personally, I see this being a result of SEGA West cutting back on packaged titles which means less titles prone to failure like the Marvel games, Alpha Protocol and the Conduit titles. Final verdict is “good but nothing spectacular”. We should really keep our eyes on how Aliens: Colonial Marines performs, as well as the sales of the delayed pachislot machines.

For more numbers, feel free to pour over the many PDFs released by SEGA Sammy and speculate in our dedicated Q3 2013 results forum topic. Also, a third thank you to Aki-at, a true SEGA nerd.


7 responses to “Breaking down and explaining the SEGA Sammy Q3 2013 results

  1. Monty says:

    Sounds like Sega is doing well.

  2. inthesky says:

    SEGA is doing quite well indeed. Good to know

  3. SeanNOLA says:

    PSO2 has 1.7 million players? That’s great. How many of them are in North America? IT SHOULD BE MORE, SEGA!

    • JayPC says:

      A lot of them are NA players, but I also know a good portion of the PSO Fan Base Refuse to play until the NA version comes out because they want the whole experience, including story, which isn’t possible even with patches.

      The English patch is helping those of us who do want to play, and some of the NA players on the JP Servers will be staying on the JP servers(they don’t feel like starting over) but I for one am wondering where they are with the NA version that was supposed to be out “Q1 2013” I mean I’ve heard nothing and the end of Q1 is only a month and a half away

  4. SkyBlue says:

    I saw this website down earlier on…seems to be fixed.

    I bet at least half of the 1.7 Million subs are from the West….but SEGA won’t announce the game in the west yet.

    Overall, looks much more healthier then their 2003-2007 forecasts….plus retail did better then digital surprisingly.

    I still think SEGA should create a small number of niche games for XBLA or PSN though.

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