UK Charts for the month of May

Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing was one of SEGA's top sellers
Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing could be quite the seller for SEGA

MCVUK have released the chart positions for the top 50 multiformat titles in the month of May for the United Kingdom. And SEGA was not short of having a significant presence in the charts. Compared to most other third party publishers, SEGA did relatively well but there might be some not too welcoming news on one particular new IP, hit the jump to read on and find out which titles did the best.

17. Iron Man 2 (Sega)
19. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Sega)
23. Aliens vs Predator (Sega)
31. Mario & Sonic at Olympic Winter Games (Sega)
32. Alpha Protocol (Sega)
35. Football Manager 2010 (Sega)

With the exception of Alpha Protocol, good positions all round for SEGA. Perhaps the biggest surprise would be the placement of Football Manager 2010 for some, but keep in mind that world cup fever has meant from May onwards, Football Manager has held a steady position in the 20 – 30 position of the charts. Compared to titles with multiple skues, it’s interesting that simply a PC version and a PSP version  of one game has charted so high, but there you go, it shows you how much of an excellent seller Football Manager is.

However from the looks of things, Alpha Protocol seems to have been drowned out of the charts and just like Activision’s Blur, no doubt I bet it has missed the publisher’s desired target. It’s a shame but it does seem mixed review plus a low marketing campaign had already slowly drained the sales away and it does not help the game was delayed for close to two years if my recollection is correct.

Iron Man 2 continues to do just as well as Iron Man 1 did I believe in the UK as well as getting the honour of being SEGA’s top selling title for the month. Sonic & SEGA, despite starting off so slow, has no solidified it’s presence in the charts and hopefully can go from strength to strength here. Another surprising factor is how well Aliens vs Predator is doing, especially compared to Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic games, but I suppose one game has been out for a much longer period, it would only be natural.

Outside of that, boosting six games in the charts, SEGA is just one behind Electronic Arts and is proving to be quite a big publisher in the UK, unfortunately we didn’t get any numbers from MCVUK so we cannot get exact sales down, despite that, you can tell how x game is doing compared to y game with the full chart and I would advise people to take a glance at some other odd placements of games. The full chart is in the link below.

[Source: MVCUK]


7 responses to “UK Charts for the month of May

  1. Sharky says:

    I'm really glad to see Sega All-Stars Racing sticking around in the charts.

    I really enjoyed the game, a superb kart racer I actually had more fun with it then I did Mario Kart due to it having that sense of speed. If feels like a great mix between Mario Kart and F-Zero taking the best of both worlds and adding some Sega flair.

  2. fernandeath says:

    I was expecting better numbers for 'Sonic & Sega all-stars racing"…

  3. Sharky says:

    But its been in the charts for months…

  4. ezodagrom says:

    It's a pitty they ruined the PC version by having no online mode. ._.

  5. fernandeath says:

    Sharky: this month's position would be good if the game had sold better in its first month. If you check the 'march charts' you'll see the game didn't figure in the first places as it should be.

    the game went from #21 to #19!

    I don't know its global numbers, but, as I said, I was expecting better selling acquittal.

  6. Sharky says:

    Most of Segas best sellers are not the kind of game that holds onto the number 1 spot for a long time. They are slow burners that build up large numbers over a long period.

    I think it is safe to say Sega have been profiting from this game for a long time.

  7. STORM! says:

    I want numbers, not positions…

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