SEGA considering some hardcore 3DS and Kinect titles?

In a recent interview with CVG, Mike Hayes has casually mentioned some potential titles for Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld and Microsoft’s Kinect product. While he names some names for the potential 3DS games, he doesn’t give us much info about the Kinect title apart from a loose expected date of completion. Hit the jump for more info!

“I think that’s a great opportunity for Nintendo and for us – particularly Western-orientated publishers. So House of the Dead or Aliens vs. Predator or other core titles like that could see a home on that platform as well, of course, as all the brands that we know will do well – Monkey Ball, Sonic etc.”

Could we be seeing some classic horror and action making it’s way to the third dimension?

Perhaps more interestingly, he also noted that SEGA is at work making a more ‘sophisticated’ game for Kinect that could see release in 2012.

“Yeah. We want to do more clever things on it – create original ways of using it, rather than just taking existing ideas and not just doing the same thing. Having said that, of course, with the success that we’ve had with Wii, there are a lot of motion games we would like to reinvent for Move and Kinect.

We’ve got a tech group based in England, in Southall [Middlesex]. We took them from the Racing Studio when we closed that as it was actually a very good team – we just couldn’t find something for them to do. They’re sat with their test tubes and Bunsen burners and that’s exactly what they’re doing – using the new devices to see what we can do in an original way.

We’ve got one good idea and hopefully something will be out the back end of next year, perhaps early 2012, which we think will use the aspects of Kinect a lot more originally and in a more sophisticated way.”

Any guesses on what this might be? A classic SEGA IP making a comeback, or something brand new?



3 responses to “SEGA considering some hardcore 3DS and Kinect titles?

  1. Sharky says:

    Probably something new… I'm not all that bothered about kinect though…

  2. matty says:

    Mick Foley is GOOD!

  3. Gagaman says:

    Madworld port to 3DS! Hahaha.

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